BTC Chapter 32 : Banned Him

Edited: XiaXue this week is over, see you next week 😀 The two played with each other, and Xu Cheng was jealous. Although Cao Nan is also good, but the same type of Xu Cheng has seen a lot, but also played a lot. In comparison, Su Zhirong has temperament. When they finished playing in a game, Xu Cheng set up and interjected: “Are you playing “Desolate Battlegrounds”? I also

BTC Chapter 30 : Quietly Watching You Pretend

Edited: XiaXue Xu Cheng began to drum up Su Zhirong laptop. He seemed to be a bit technical. Unfortunately, the opponent was Lu Zixin who have Red Queen computer skills. He got it for a long time and didn’t find out the problem. “You made a mistake.” Lu Zixin reminded. “Hmmm?” The three men looked back at him. Su Zhirong asked: “Do you know how to get it?” “Of course

BTC Chapter 29 : Double Crit Sisters

Edited: XiaXue The sound was crisp and sweet, and it immediately attracted the attention of many people in the classroom. Within a few seconds, I saw two girls panting and coming to the door of classroom, apparently trotting all the way. Although it is nearing the fall, the climate in Jiangcheng is still hot, so the two are wearing more cool. One of them is wearing an orange-red knit off-the-shoulder

BSI Chapter 32 : Drunk

Edited: XiaXue and this is for this week :D, if anyone wanna help me to become editor just leave message in post or email me 😀 “Ouch, so hot.” Matsumoto Rangiku poured a glass of wine and drank it, trying to alleviate the spicy taste of the spicy boiled fish that she just ate. Kusajishi Yachiru sat there, drunk and said: “Soi Fon Captain, you also come try a piece