MR Chapter 66 : Rich Species

Edited: XiaXue Of course, with the recent years, China has become the top priority of the catering industry. Europeans and Americans have begun to catch sea cucumbers and then send them to China. This is a very popular food in China. However, it is obvious that Jiang Hai’s sea cucumbers are not ready for sale because Edward only wants to look at the marine resources, so it does not freeze

MR Chapter 65 : Seasickness

Edited: XiaXue “Vo… vomit…” On the ship’s side, Jiang Hai felt his stomach rolling, his intestines rolling, his brain rolling… This is not the first time Jiang Hai took the boat, but he used to be in small boat, still in the country. Basically, they are all river boats. Although there are some waves, they are really not big. When the waves are big, no one will sail out. So

BSI Chapter 166 : Unexpected visitors

Edited: XiaXue “Hong!” Xia Yan flew Tristan out, looking at the white Monster in front of him, rubbing the sweat on forehead. At this time, Tristan, except for her feet, was wrapped in white armor. The whole person was like a white beast, and he attacked Xia Yan crazily. “How long it has been?” Xia Yan asked loudly. Nelliel replied: “It’s almost 50 minutes.” Xia Yan heard the time, some

BSI Chapter 165 : Hollowfication

Edited: XiaXue Xia Yan restored Dondochakka and Pesche broken mask to become Arrancar again, and after Dondochakka mask repaired has become a strong man after Resurrección. Mask is on both sides of his cheek. His face is rough, but it is a very kind. After Pesche mask repaired and can use Resurrección, he was a handsome young man, but when Pesche took his sword from his crotch, Xia Yan regretted

BTC Chapter 133 : Kun Peng Battery

Edited: XiaXue Lu Zixin nodded and said, “It’s really good. When is it expected to be mass-produced?” Tang Gang suddenly had some difficulties and said: “There is still some difficulty in the battery factory. Other accessories are not a problem. At least, it will take a hundred days.” “It’s more than three months,” Lu Zixin wondered. Yao Li explained: “The main problem is the production line. The lithium battery factory