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Note: Shin’ō Academy >>> Spiritual Arts Academy

  Xia Yan did not think that she had come to Bleach World and met Rukia and Renji.

  He is no stranger to “Bleach”, which is one of his favorite anime and manga he expects every week for a long time.

  Although the ending are not perfect, but Xia Yan likes every character inside, and is no stranger to Rukia and Renji.

  Rukia is the female protagonist of Bleach, and Renji is the second protagonist.

  Both of them are extremely important characters, but now they are only the Wandering soul of the seven-eighth district in South Rukongai. They have not yet entered the Shin’ō (Spiritual Arts) Academy, and Rukia has not been discovered by Kuchiki Byakuya, the owner of the Kuchiki family. Thus it was included in the Kuchiki home.

  Xia Yan look at two people in front him, have not accepted the fact that they have crossed.

  At this time Renji said: “Okay, don’t lie, let’s go.”

  Renji and Rukia took Xia Yan to a house. The house was not big, there was no furniture inside, and the floor was covered with straw.

  After a few people entered, there was not much room left in the house.

  Renji said with a smile: “This is where we live, and you will live here later.”

  Xia Yan said gratefully: “Thank you.”

  Although I have a mind that is beyond their age, after all, only the eleven-year-old body, living alone, will only be like today.

  Renji laughed and said, “Why thank you, as long as we help each other in the future, no one can bully us.”

  When I heard Renji, Xia Yan knew that they could survive in the 78th district of South Rukongai, that is, unity.

  In the original work, Rukia was abandoned by her sister, and she could grow up in the hanging area. Finally, she went to the Spiritual Arts Academy to study, and could not do without the help of these people.

  And they don’t put this kind of favor on their lips. When Rukia was discovered by Kuchiki Byakuya, Rukia hesitated. Abarai Renji directly let her enter the Kuchiki family, without any worries.

  This is the emotion between them, and why they will be married after all the dust settles.

  After Renji and Rukia learned that he was the Freshman soul, he stayed here and lived with them.

  After Xia Yan and their understanding, they soon became familiar with each other. At this time, Renji looked out the window and stood up and said, “Get the wooden barrel, let’s go to take water.”

  The three men walked out of the room and walked out of the street. Two of them held wooden barrels and the remaining four held the weapon to protect the two.

  Leaving the street, outside is a wasteland with weeds, entering the wasteland, you can clearly see the alert of these teenagers.

  In front of the wasteland, a distance was made, and there was a sound of turbulent water in front of him. I saw a small stream not far away, and the stream slowly flowed through.

  Seeing the creek, Renji shouted: “Hurry up.”

  The three men ran to the creek and fetched water by the creek. After the water was over, Renji and Rukia carried the buckets one after the other. Xia Yan followed, and the three walked in the direction of the house.

  But after a few steps, there were a few thin figures in front. When I saw three people, the eyes lit up, but then I saw Renji and the bamboo knife with the waist, shook the shook head and left them. Goes to the creek.

  ”Come on!”

  Renji waved a wooden knife and they stepped up and walked in the direction of home. During the period, Xia Yan also helped to lift a distance.

  Going back to the house, the bucket was put down, Renji took out a porcelain bowl and handed it to Xia Yan, saying, “Okay, open the meal.”

  Xia Yan took the porcelain bowl, did not move, open the meal? But only water.

  Xia Yan looked at Renji inexplicably and looked at Rukia. Rukia smiled and said: “These waters contain Reishi. Although it is not as rich as Reishi in the spirit, it can be refilled with the Reishi consumption of the body after drinking. As long as you drink water, you can live. ”

  So it is, Xia Yan nodded. he is not in Human World, but in Soul Society. The soul is made up of Reishi. It only needs to be supplemented with Reishi.

  Xia Yan picked up a bowl of water and drank it into the belly. He only felt that taste was cool and sweet. He could feel that there was a kind of energy inside. After entering the abdomen, was released into every corner of the body, supplementing his physical fitness.

  After drinking the water, Xia Yan looks at Renji and Rukia, curiously asked: “Don’t you drink?”

  Renji proudly said: “I am a fourth-class Reiatsu, and Rukia is a third-class Reiatsu. You don’t need to drink water to supplement Reishi, you can absorb Reishi in the air.”

  Xia Yan heard that and asked inexplicably: “The third-class Reiatsu and the fourth-class Reiatsu, what is that?”

  Rukia explained: “The soul is made up of Reishi, and Reiatsu is the density of the soul Reishi. According to the density, many ranks are divided. The lowest density of the ordinary person is a first-class Reiatsu, first-class Reiatsu can not actively feel Reishi, so you need to drink water and eat spirits to supplement Reishi. Second-class Reiatsu can feel the surrounding Reishi, at the same time for self-absorption, no longer need to eat. As for the third-class Reiatsu, it is already possible to actively gather Reishi and use Reishi. The fourth-class Reiatsu can ignite Reishi, and the lower-order Kido can also be used at the same time. ”

  Renji proudly said: “The third-class Reiatsu is the minimum standard for entry into the Spiritual Arts Academy. Rukia has just reached the third-class Reiatsu, so I and Rukia will go to the Spiritual Arts Academy to take the test at the beginning of next spring, as long as From the Spiritual Arts Academy graduation, we can be Shinigami.”

  ”Is it a second-class Reiatsu? Gathering Reishi is a third-class Reiatsu? ”

  Xia Yan said, extending his right hand and seeing the surrounding air circling, and his palm suddenly appeared a whirlpool of aura.

  ”This is?”

  Rukia asked in a dull way: “Gather Reishi, do you also have a third-class Reiatsu?”

  Renji face also showed a surprised look, but at this time, Xia Yan hand lit up and lit, turning into a fire.

  Renji eyes smashed round and couldn’t believe it and said: “Can you ignite the fire? How is this possible?”

  Rukia grabbed Xia Yan’s hand and asked, “How did you do it?”

  Xia Yan said: “I have gathered Reishi together. It just made an idea and lit them. Is it difficult?”

  Renji said with a boost eyes, “Of course it is difficult. We used to be second-class Reiatsu. It took us 100 years to reach the third and fourth. You have just born to this World, you have a fourth level Reiatsu. ”

  ”100 years?” Xia Yan’s incomprehensible looks at two people.

  Rukia nodded and said, “Yes, I and Renji are both over 100 years old. As long as Reishi is added in time, the body development speed is greatly slowed down, so we seem to be only sixteen or seventeen years old. ”

  Xia Yan was somewhat puzzled, but immediately thought that Rukia said that she was more than ten times older than Kurosaki ichigo in original work, and that she had been relieved for more than 50 years after graduation from the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  Rukia’s gaze at the look at Xia Yan also said: “You are only eleven years old. As the body grows, Reishi’s absorption, the Reiatsu will increase. And after entering the Spiritual Arts Academy, after training, the Reiatsu may be raised again, and even reach the fifth and sixth. ”

  ”What is the difference between the fifth-class Reiatsu and the sixth-class Reiatsu?” Xia Yan’s incomprehensible looks at Rukia.

  Renji interjected: “Shinigami, who used to be here, told us that the fifth-level Reiatsu can already use the intermediate Kido, and there are five seats and six seats in each team. The sixth-class Reiatsu is the three-seat or the Captain class. I was also able to raise my Reiatsu to fourth-level with the help of Shinigami. ”

  Rukia said with a smile: “Our goal is to be a Shinigami.”

  Shinigami? When Xia Yan heard this, he couldn’t help but feel very interesting.

  To know that Abarai joined the 6th team 50 years later, the story kicked off. At that time, Renji was already Lieutenant in Bleach series. At the end of the story, it was the power of the Super Captain.

  Rukia finally became the Captain of 13th Division and became the Captain level.

  So, I am sorry, your future is far greater than the goal.

  Xia Yan smiled and asked his most concerned question: “Can I take the exam at the Spiritual Arts Academy?”

  After knowing that this is Bleach World, Xia Yan wants to be a Shinigami, which can also change his destiny.

  Rukia nodded and said, “Of course, next March, let’s sign up together.”

  Renji said with a smile: “And we can teach you how to exercise the Reiatsu, maybe you can raise your Reiatsu rank before you enter.”

  Xia Yan heard this, and his heart was touched. Renji took people to save him and took care of himself. He also planned to teach himself how to exercise Reiatsu, which made Xia Yan very grateful to them.

  More importantly, Xia Yan discovered the characteristics of Renji, who is derogatory, unruly, and responsible.

  No wonder that in the future, it will become the Vice Captain that all the members of the 6th team respect.

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