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  Xia Yan spent a day in the train Zanjutsu grip and starting style. After mastering, Renji began teaching him Zanjutsu on the second day.

  Zanjutsu has a lot of footwork, there are six basic steps, which are folding, stepping, sending, stepping, kicking and footing.

  The ‘Folding’ is the most used footstep movement style in the Zanjutsu. It is similar to the sliding step. The foot does not lift up and moves against the ground. It can reduce the shaking of the body and maintain the integrity of the posture. At the same time The range of motion is small, so you can adjust your body shape as soon as you get Attack.

  Xia Yan spent two days in order to be able to keep the body steady at the same time.

  In the process, Xia Yan needs to hold the wooden stick and maintain the basic sword posture.

  Then Renji taught the footsteps, and the foot were very similar. It was almost a walk in the style of folding, step by step.

  After that, the foot is sent, the feet are one after the other, the right foot is in front, the left foot is in the back, and the left foot is slightly raised.

  If you move forward, move the right foot forward with the folding style of the fold, and then quickly follow the left foot.

  If you move backwards, move the left foot backwards with the sleek style of the fold, and then the right foot.

  In addition to moving back and forth, there is also a diagonal movement, which requires a stable posture at the same time, using the sliding style, to move the style of the feet in tandem.

  Can’t at the same time advance retreat, this is to have a support foot to stabilize the body during the move.

  Xia Yan spent five days to master the delivery.

  After that, it is the opening, the footstep is the oblique direction of the footstep, the lateral change, through this change to turn the body, for Attack to defend the enemy’s Attack.

  This is relatively simple, Xia Yan spent two days to master it.

  After that, it is the successor. It is very similar to the foot and the foot. But the difference is that the foot is moved forward and the first foot is moved forward.

  But when the footstep is forward, the rear foot first pulls forward and the distance from the forefoot, then the front foot forwards, suddenly slams Attack, or instantly retreat.

  The first step in the successor is also called ‘stealing’. This step is intended to be used unexpectedly.

  After Xia Yan mastered it, he learned to step on foot, and the footsteps were also called vibrating feet.

  When moving forward, the forefoot is forward, but all the feet are on the ground, and with a huge force, at the same time rear foot quickly move to catch up.

  At the moment the front foot steps down, Strength will accumulate, and following the rear foot, the body’s Strength will burst out.

  This is the six basic steps. Xia Yan took ten days to master. With the train, his Reishi density is slowly increasing.

  The footwork is the key to the Way of Sword. When you practice the footwork, your body shape can be steady and you have the basics of practice.

  The first practice is to swing.

  The footwork used for the shim is closely related to the foot or the foot. Using the abdominal breathing method, when the foot is moving forward, adjust the center of gravity, tilt it forward, and at the same time, spit out the gas with the body. At the same time With the shoulder joint as the axis, the arms are pulled out and pulled forward.

  Moreover, there is also a requirement for the movement of the hand when swinging the sword. When the sword is just thrown, the little finger of the left hand must hold the handle firmly, and the left hand rotates slightly inward.

  But when the sword swings to the farthest distance, the right hand has to be turned inward, turning the force of the squeeze inward by the both hands, hitting the force at one point and passing it to the enemy through the sword blade.

  The oscillating vibration is the result of the joint action of the foot, the body and the arm. It is necessary to mobilize the strength of the whole body, which is of great benefit to the exercise of the physical pressure.

  The train style of the shim is also divided into two types, one is the number of pursuits of the shim, and the endurance is increased by as much as possible.

  The second is to pursue the speed of the shimmy, and increase the number of bursts per unit time.

  Rukia lets Xia Yan both styles,

Especially the first one, you must do not stimulate Reishi, you can do 50 vibrations at a time.

  This is a big challenge for the young Xia Yan.

  Xia Yan taught the basics of the vibration by Rukia, and began a one-person train. He held a wooden stick and stood on the open ground to practice the vibration.

  Once, twice, …Five times, ten times.

  Xia Yan began to shake up, very relaxed, and soon did it ten times, but more than ten times, you can feel the weight of the stick, and a sense of fatigue.

  Eleven times, twelve times, …Nineteen times, 20 times.

  Xia Yan continued the train, more than 20 times. When he was the 20th time, he felt that the body was tired, his arms were sore, and he had to stop and restore Reishi to supplement the Reishi consumed by the body.

  Xia Yan rested for a while, then train, and the vibrations were repeated again and again, and Reishi was consumed again and again, but it was constantly added.

  Under such circumstances, Xia Yan Reishi density speed is extremely fast, and the number of vibrations that can be adhered to is extremely high.

  35 times, 36 times, forty times.

  Forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty.

  It was not until half a month later that Xia Yan was able to achieve a set of swings of 50 times, satisfying Rukia’s own requirements.

  But only master the movement, but it is just getting started. When using the force of each part of the body during the vibration, how to recruit, you need someone to help the train.

  At this time, Rukia took the initiative to serve as Xia Yan sparring.

  Rukia held wooden sword in front of Xia Yan, and a pair of beautiful eyes exude a serious look.

  Xia Yan stood in front of Rukia three steps away. His boss hands took the stick and took a deep breath. The right foot suddenly took a step forward, stepping on the ground, and then the left foot quickly followed.

  At this time, Xia Yan’s both hands, with the shoulder joint, pointed upwards from the flat-armed sword tip, turned into an arm bent, slammed out and slammed forward.

  With the movement of Xia Yan, the wooden stick slammed in front of Rukia.

  Rukia raised her wooden sword and adjusted her hand slightly, taking wooden sword side to the side of Xia Yan’s wooden stick.

  Only with a very weak force, the wooden stick in Xia Yan’s hand was opened and bounced to one side.

  The appearance of this force also caused Xia Yan’s movement to stagnate. At this time, Rukia’s right foot was heavy and the wooden stick in his hand broke out.

  Xia Yan felt a huge wind, and the shadow of wooden sword came to him in an instant, and couldn’t help but close the eyes.

  However, the expected blow did not come, Xia Yan opened the booth eyes, found that the wooden sword stopped in front at a centimeter.

  Rukia took back the wooden sword and shook her head and said: “When you just had Attack, your hand movements were not coordinated, and the strength was not concentrated. The second point is that the retreat is not done well. The vibrating movement not only has forward movements but also backward movements. Don’t block your swords because of the opposite side, you will not regress. Timely retreat, you can avoid the opposite side of the opposite side, so that you have the ability to evade and counterattack. ”

  ”I remember.”

  Xia Yan remembered these things in his mind, then Rukia nodded and said, “Come again.”

  Xia Yan was trained by Rukia, and he mastered the essence of the vibration, and he was able to do it well.

  Next, Xia Yan learned a lot of Zanjutsu basics, such as hitting the face, such as hitting the hand, hitting the throat, hitting the face and returning, touching the body.

  These are the basic styles of Zanjutsu, and the most direct and simple moves.

  To master these skillfully, they have enough fighting power to protect themselves, But compared to the profoundness of Zanjutsu, these are just the simplest of the moves.

  Zanjutsu also features the facial Attack method, the abdominal Attack method, the hand Attack method, and the throat Attack method.

  In addition to this, there are genre and iterations, hundreds of branches, such as the chanting system, the Ittoryu system, the sinister system, the god streaming system.

  But these contents, Renji and Kuchiki Rukia will not learn. The Shinigami who came here only taught them these basic skills and had to leave.

  However, these basic styles are enough to allow Xia Yan to protect himself.

  At this same time, Xia Yan also mastered the use of Reiatsu, by reconsuming Reishi, to increase their speed, reaction, ability and strength.

  Covering Reishi on the wooden sword can make the sword faster and more powerful.

  The current Xia Yan, still eleven years old, is young and can’t compare with Renji and Rukia, but by consuming Reishi, he can already compete with the two.

  With the cultivation, Xia Yan’s Reiatsu has also increased a lot, so I must exercise this way, one day I can reach the fifth-class spiritual pressure.

  At this time, it was three months since Xia Yan came to this World, and it was winter.

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  1. Because the MC is Chinese maybe he can combine Taichi Sword when Battle, by not clashing but instead use rotation to suck/absorb the sword and it’s wielder power+counter attacking and even make the weapon thrown off from the wielder, or even use rotation to parrying and divert the power to zero. Well if he have 2 sword it will become more easy to use 1 sword to lock the sword enemy with Taichi sword and attack with his other sword. 😀

    the wooden stick slammed into the door of Rukia. where is the door? maybe it should be Front?

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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