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  Winter is a disaster for the residents of Rukongai.

  The cold temperature makes the speed of Reishi’s loss in the soul speed up. The lower pressure of the spiritual pressure alone can’t make up for the consumption of Reishi. You must eat the food made by Reishi.

  The food in Rukongai is lacking. The price of food in the winter is increasing. They have no extra money to buy food.

  As time went by, the temperature was getting lower and lower, and finally it was the coldest. After a heavy snowfall, World was covered by white, and the cold invaded everyone.

  Because the temperature is too cold, the density of Reishi in the air is greatly reduced, and the speed at which they absorb Reishi is also reduced, so they simply cannot replenish consumption by absorbing free Reishi in the air.

  And outside was sealed by snow, unable to go out to fetch water, which made the three people into hunger.

  In the cold and hungry state, their Reishi consumes a very fast speed, and Xia Yan is shivering in the frozen.

  In particular, Rukia, which has only a third-class physical pressure, Reishi has been devastated, and the results of hard work for half a year have been reduced.

  So Renji looks at Xia Yan and Rukia: “If there is no more food, our Reishi will consume too much.”

  Rukia frowned and said, “Where can we go to find food?”

  Renji looks at a distance and said: “You can only steal.”


  Xia Yan eyes widened, looks at Renji.

  The latter nodded and said: “Yes, this is the only way, we can’t let them starve to death.”

  Rukia asked: “Where to go?”

  Renji whispered: “I have been stepping on these days and found that the Murata family has made a lot of buns, so we can steal a few back.”

  Rukia thought about it and said, “Would you like to ask a few? Maybe they will give it to us. ”

  Renji waved his hand and said, “This is impossible. Murata family is relatively rich in the Rukongai, but it is only a little marginal. How could it be given to us?”

  Rukia nodded and said, “Then we can only steal.”

  Renji waved and said, “Let’s go.”

  When the three people got out of the house, they immediately felt a cold breath coming. The three men walked on the thick snow and went to the village. Renji pointed to the house not far away and said, “That is Murata’s home, right. The room is the kitchen, the buns have been steamed, just in the kitchen. The kitchen has a window, but the window is small, only Xia Yan can go in. I took them out at the main entrance for a while, Xia Yan, you climbed into the side window and stole the buns. Rukia, you met him outside, waiting for me to signal. ”

  Xia Yan and Rukia looked at each other and said, “Okay.”

  The two went to the kitchen window, Xia Yan listened to the ear, and some of them were busy, so they gestured to Renji.

  Renji nodded and took a deep breath. At the gate, he raised his palm and patted the wooden door.

  Not long after, the wooden door opened and a man appeared at the gate. Look at Renji said, “How is it?”

  Renji is very famous in Rukongai, living with several orphans, fighting for people, others are afraid to provoke him.

  Renji looks at opposite side and pleads: “Uncle, I don’t know if you can give some food. My brother and sister are going to starve.”

  The man heard this, coldly snorted, and said: “You are hungry and starve, regardless of none our business, go quickly.”

  Renji is still pleading: “I beg you, just give a little food.”

  The man waved his dissatisfaction and shouted: “Shut up, not give, i will not give.”

  Renji immediately grabbed the man arm. The man wanted to push Renji away. Renji hugged the man arm and didn’t let it go.

  And this time,

The man’s wife was alarmed and came outside the house to ask what happened.

  At this moment, Xia Yan pushed open the window, and Rukia crouched down and hugged Xia Yan’s both legs and jerked up.

  Xia Yan, the right hands, carried the window, climbed into the room, entered the room, jumped out of the window, and walked toward the buns.

  Open the lid and the white buns in it exude a tempting aroma.


  Xia Yan reached out and took the steamed buns. The result was hand burned and the pain directly make me recovered.

  Xia Yan felt a little hot, but did not give up, endured the heat, grabbed a few buns, put it in his arms and ran towards the window.

  The window was taller, but Xia Yan moved to the stool, stepped on the stool and Launched the body, and handed the buns in his arms to Rukia.

  After Rukia took over, Xia Yan went to climb the window, but the stool was short, and Xia Yan’s head was short. If he wanted to climb out of the window, he had to force it up. This support tripped the chair and issued a kuāng dāng sound.

  What was that?

  The wife of this family heard the sound and returned to the house in a hurry. At this time, Xia Yan just climbed the window.

  Seeing the movement of Xia Yan, the opposite side immediately understood what was happening and shouted loudly: “Someone steals.”

  ”Stealing things?”

  The man heard this and despised Renji. He said with anger: “Okay, you are trying to hold me, let others steal things, little bastard, see if I don’t kill you.”

  The man said, kicking Renji to the ground and punching and kicking him. Renji has a fourth-class Reiatsu, activate Reishi, how can he be afraid of the opposite side?

  But Renji knew that he was stealing things. He was wrong himself, so he did not resist. He just huddled the body and was beaten on the ground by him.

  In the kitchen, the hostess wanted to catch Xia Yan, but Xia Yan jumped out of the window directly. After landing, he followed Rukia out of the corner, and then they saw the beaten Renji.

  The male owner saw Xia Yan and Rukia and shouted: “Don’t run, put things down.”

  He said that he had to chase two people, but Renji clung to his both legs and shouted: “Run.”

  Xia Yan still hesitated. Rukia was calmer and shouted: “Let’s go.”

  Xia Yan gritted his teeth and ran back to the house with Rukia. The male owner of Murata’s family could not catch up and continued to beat Renji.

  Back to the house, Rukia took out the buns in her arms, a total of three, exuding white air.

  Xia Yan looks at the big buns at white, the saliva is flowing out quickly. When I came to this World for nearly half a year, I didn’t have a meal and I was very upset.

  Seeing that Xia Yan looked like this, Rukia handed a bun directly to Xia Yan and said, “You should eat it first.”

  Xia Yan shook the shook head and said, “No, Renji has not come yet.”

  Rukia stuffed the buns into Xia Yan’s arms and said, “Let you eat and eat, hurry.”

  Xia Yan glanced at the buns, still did not intend to eat before Renji came back. After all, he was beaten to let them eat food.

  Seeing that Xia Yan insisted on not eating, Rukia also gave up.

  It was at this time that the curtain was opened and Renji entered the room, his nose was swollen and his clothes were torn.

  Rukia immediately stood up and asked, “Renji, are you okay?”

  Renji waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, it’s just a skin injury.”

  Xia Yan saw this scene and apologized apologetically: “Renji Big Brother, if I didn’t kick the chair, I wouldn’t be found.”

  Renji patted the head of Xia Yan and said, “Nothing, you can complete the mission is enough.”

  Rukia immediately said: “There are three buns, one for each.”


  Renji took a steamed buns, and the three of them had a buns and couldn’t wait to eat them.

  The Soul Society’s crops are made up of Reishi, wheat is ground with flour, vegetables can be cooked directly, and they are rich in Reishi.

  Not only that, but also biscuits, Senbei, tea, wine and other foods.

  The food containing Reishi is more delicious than the taste in Human World. Xia Yan bites the buns, although it is plain stuffing, but the taste is very delicious.

  The three gathered together to eat buns, although the outside is still cold, the next meal is still not settled, but Xia Yan feels a touch of warmth.

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  1. Wow, i’m loving this so far. I have no come across a good bleach fan fiction, this has intentional and I’ll say behind this. The only thing i’m not sure about right now is the upload schedule since you guys released 4 chapters in a single say (As of Feb 14, 7:50 A.M. CST 2019).

  2. “Come on, don’t give, don’t give.” maybe “Stop it/Shut up, not give, i will not give.”

    The result was burned and the hand was directly recovered. maybe my hand burned as the result and the pain instantly wake me up/recovered(recovered here is recovered from the shock not recovered from the wound).

    stepped on the stool and explored the body. maybe stepped on the stool and leap/Jump/Launched the body.

    Renji licked the head of Xia Yan. maybe Renji patted the head of Xia Yan

    “Nothing, you can complete Quest enough.” “It’s okay, you can complete mission is enough.”

    And also the Author Theory about less and thin Reiatsu at winter is wrong, it’s the opposite it’s filled with dense Reiatsu, but not your normal Reiatsu, but cold and ice element Reiatsu, so the body burn a lot of energy/Reiatsu to keep your body warm, except some certain clan or someone that excelled in Cold,Snow&Ice Technique and mastering to control and absorb that kind of Reiatsu. and if there is less and thin Reiatsu, there is no way there will be snow, ice, snow storm and hail storm.

    Thx for the chapter ^^

    1. It seems like i missed it, wanna help me for proofreader…? I just have a night for online and morning before go to work hahah

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