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  Soul Society winter is not much different from Human World. It only took three months. By the end of February of the second year, the weather began to warm up and entered the spring.

  After the winter, Reiatsu of Renji, Rukia and Xia Yan decreased a lot. Although Xia Yan had hard work in the summer and autumn and fall, it was only a little better than when he first arrived at this World.

  In the spring, it also means that Renji, Rukia and Xia Yan are leaving to pursue their dreams in the distance.

  On this day, Renji called Rukia and Xia Yan, and said with a serious look: “Spiritual Arts Academy will start registration time after two days, and it will last for ten days, so we have to leave as soon as possible.”

  Rukia nodded, her face full of embarrassment, saying: “As long as we can enter the Spiritual Arts Academy, we don’t have to be scared.”


  Renji nodded and said: “But this road will definitely be dangerous, we must be careful.”

  Rukongai is different from Seireitei, Seireitei has a perfect monitoring mechanism, even if it is hollow class Menos Grande can not enter.

  But Rukongai is very dangerous. There are often things that are devastating to the virtual attack. Although Shinigami comes to kill hollow, but only a moment of hesitation, the soul will die.

  In addition to hollow, the more terrible is the other souls of the inhabitants, and the outsiders who attacked the area, even in the Chencheng District it’s often occured.

  So on this road, you must be very careful.


  This morning, Renji, Rukia and other familiar teenagers in Rukongai said goodbye and learned that they were going to the Spiritual Arts Academy, and these people expressed their envy.

  After bidding farewell, they embarked on a journey to the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  The Spiritual Arts Academy is in the singularity, while the singer is in the center of the Soul Society. All directions are wrapped in Rukongai, divided into four directions in the southeast and northwest. The larger the number, the farther away from the singer.

  They are located in the South Rukongai 78 District, and are far away from the singular road. In order to reach the singularity, they must go a long way.

  The three men embarked on a journey through several areas and headed for Seireitei.

  However, when I walked to the Jinlin District of the 74th District, I was stopped by three people. One was not tall, the body was thin, and the black hair was short, but it looked so ugly and it looked very bad.

  Another big, muscular, and huge body gives you tremendous pressure.

  The third person is a teenager, shorter than Renji, but holding a dagger.

  Sturdy man saw the three people and smiled and said: “You are not the people in Jinlin District?”

  Renji clenched his wooden sword and looked at the opposite side and said, “What do you want to do?”

  The sturdy man laughed and said: “Dare to come to our area, of course, to kill you and absorb your Reishi.”

  The soul in Soul Society will die because Reishi is exhausted. After being killed at the same time, it will be turned into Reishi and scattered into the Soul Society.

  In order to absorb Reishi, many people will arbitrarily kill others, thus forming a very chaotic area.

  For example, South Rukongai is located in the 79th district of Chencheng District, the Yachiru District in the Rukongai Area of ​​the North Rukongai, the More Wood District in the Eighty District of the North Rukongai, and so on.

  Upon hearing the words of the opposite side, Renji held the bamboo sword in his hand, and Rukia and Xia Yan clenched the stick in their hands.

  Seeing the actions of the two men, the three men who blocked the road showed a mocking smile. The strong man said: “Ryoji, I am going to deal with this red-haired brat, you come to deal with the woman. As for A’jin, you deal with this little devil. ”

  The short-haired youth smiled and said: “This woman will be handed over to me. I will not hurt her. I have to kneel down and play with it.”

  The three immediately approached them, and the sturdy man had to deal with Renji. Did not immediately shoot, but the short-haired youth and the boy named A’jin did not have so much scruples, the first to pounce on Rukia and Xia Yan.

  The short-haired youth came to Rukia and reached for Rukia’s shoulder directly, but Rukia stepped back and took the shot directly.

  The short-haired youth caught an empty glimpse, but Rukia had already rushed to the front.

  This stick inspired Reishi, wrapped in a stick and pulled on the opposite side of the opposite side.

  “Akh!”, the short-haired youth nose is broken, the face sunken, heavy fall to the ground.

  Slash containing Reishi, even the stone can be broken, how could the opposite side can block.

  And the boy also rushed to the front of Xia Yan, the corner of the mouth revealed a cruel smile, the dagger in his hand stabbed Xia Yan.

  ”Give me a roll.”

  Xia Yan shouted, and the wooden stick slammed down and hit the boy’s hand. He slammed and the dagger fell to the ground.

  Then, Xia Yan grabbed the stick and slammed forward, directly on the neck of the opposite side.

  ”Hah, ha!”

  The throat was damaged, and the boy slammed his throat and fell to the ground, panting.

  Seeing this scene, the sturdy man was surprised. He didn’t expect the teenager and the girl to be so powerful. Isn’t this red-hair teenager stronger?

  The sturdy man give up, pulling the youth and the teenager slowly retreat, Renji coldly snorted, said: “Let’s go.”

  The three left Jinlin District and walked a few blocks before they stopped to rest for a while. Rukia said seriously: “I definitely don’t come back to this place.”

  Renji nodded said, “Well, we must be Shinigami.”

  The chaotic Rukongai makes people feel fearful every day. This kind of life is unbearable, and the key to changing all of this is to become Shinigami.

  All three swear by the bottom of the heart and never return to this place.

  After a short break, the three men continued to move forward and were attacked once again, but they did not suffer any harm.

  The three people’s Reiatsu more powerful, and in Rukongai belongs to the best, no one can beat them.

  In the evening, they have arrived in the 30th district, Antian District.

  It is very stable here, there are no rogues and wasteland, only calm streets and people coming and going.

  At the same time These people are very wary of the attitude of the outsiders, and the three people who are dressed in a simple manner are consciously distanced.

  The three did not care, just resting under the tree, now it is spring, the temperature is rising, and living in the wilderness will not feel the slightest cold.

  By the next morning, the three left without a word and continued to travel to Seireitei.

  At this time, more and more people appeared on the road. Many people walked together and rushed toward Seireitei.

  As soon as noon, they went to Jing’an District in the 20th district, found a tree and rested under the tree.

  But at this moment, a voice rang, “Are you also going to the Spiritual Arts Academy?”

  Hearing this voice, Xia Yan looked up and saw that there was a yellow-haired boy in front of him, wearing a kimono, the left side of the hair blocked the left eye, the right eye was a blue, and his face was light.

  Seeing the iconic hair, Xia Yan’s mind emerged with a silhouette:

  In the future, captain of 3th Division, Ichimaru Gin left the Division to his Lieutenant, Kira Iziru.

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  1. rushed to the front and rushed to the front. a repeated word

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