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  Renji sat cross-legged on the floor, looks at Kira Iziru and said, “Yes, we are going to the Spiritual Arts Academy to take the test, are you?”

  ”Well, I have to go to the Spiritual Arts Academy.”

  After Kira Iziru finished, he asked: “Which area are you from?”

  ”78th district, Inuzuri.”

  The sound of Renji has slowed down a lot. The 78th district is a poor and chaotic area, and many people look down on them.

  Kira Iziru nodded and said, “Since you have to go to the Spiritual Arts Academy, it is better to go back with me and have a rest at my house. Let’s go together in the afternoon.”

  Upon hearing this, Renji eyes lit up and asked, “Is it ok?”

  He didn’t care to go to other people’s homes to rest, but the opposite side invited him to make him feel very happy.

  Kira Iziru said softly: “Of course, let’s go.”

  Kira Iziru returned home with three people. His parents were very kind and didn’t care about the identity of the three. They went straight to the kitchen to cook and prepare lunch.

  Kira Iziru looks at Renji and said: “I haven’t introduced myself yet, my name is Kira Iziru.”

  ”Abarai Renji.”


  ”Xia Yan.”

  Three people one by one introduce themselves, hear Xia Yan’s words, Kira Iziru eyebrows pick, looks at Xia Yan asked: “What about you? Is it to send my brother and sister to participate in the assessment? ”

  Xia Yan has not answered, Renji took Xia Yan’s shoulder and said: “Don’t look at Xia Yan’s young age, he already has a fourth-class Reiatsu.”

  Kira Iziru stared with big eyes, looks at Xia Yan, There was some surprise in the eyes, and he asked dumbly, “How old are you?”

  Xia Yan replied: “Eleven years old.”

  Kira Iziru sighed and said: “I have reached the third-class Reiatsu for decades. You’re eleven years old and reached the fourth-class Reiatsu, is really an envy.”

  Xia Yan heard his words, but could not help but smile. It is already surprising that he has a fourth-class Reiatsu at the age of eleven.

  But if you know that after three years, the 13-year-old Tōshirō Hitsugaya has a sixth-class spiritual pressure and is one year away from the Spiritual Arts Academy graduation, which is expected to be even more surprising.

  Xia Yan, Renji and Rukia stayed at Kira Iziru’s home, where they were treated with hospitality and had a hearty lunch.

  Lunch was made with spiritual food, and it was the first meal that Xia Yan came to this World.

  Spiritual food contains an extremely large Reishi, and part of it becomes part of the body.

  A meal, the increase in Reiatsu, is equivalent to the result of the body after half a day of training, two meals, it is worth a day.

  If it is a spiritual food made by Zero Squad’s Hikifune Kirio, it can even directly increase the consumer Reiatsu to a large scale. In the original work of the Millennium Blood War, Hikifune Kirio uses a dish to help a Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya and Rukia improve their Reiatsu.

  The role of the spirit of food is undoubted, Xia Yan somewhat lamented, if he can eat every day, six months, his Reiatsu has almost reached five-class.

  However, he also thinks of a problem. Rukia and Renji have rarely eaten spiritual food for nearly a hundred years, and they have not used spiritual food as their main promotion style. So if they use spiritual food in the future, how much will the spiritual power increase? fast?

  Xia Yan knows that Spiritual Arts Academy provides free accommodation and food, and that this is why Rukia and Renji can stand out in the future.

  After the meal, Kira Iziru packed up the items and the four went together. In the afternoon, they set off for Seireitei.

  Seireitei is the place where Shinigami and the nobles live, and there is a clear dividing line between Rukongai, like two completely different Worlds, which are distinct from each other.

  In order to enter Seireitei, you must have a pass card before you can enter.

  If there is no pass,

Trying to enter Seireitei will be blocked by the net spirit door, and then there will be four outstanding lords stationed in the four gates of the southeast and northwest to resist.

  In South Rukongai’s South Gate, which is Red Hollow Gate, the gate responsible for Warden is a hero called Higonyūdō.

  He is not Shinigami, but his huge size makes him have a formidable Strength and is good at fighting. Ordinary Shinigami is not an opponent at all.

  At this time, sitting on the side of Red Hollow Gate the giant cross-legged, not far away is a simple shed, several Shinigami sitting behind the table, in front of a banner, which reads:

  “Spiritual Arts Academy Southern Assessment Location.”

  Renji asked curiously: “This is the place for assessment?”

  Kira Iziru nodded and said: “Yes, after passing the assessment, you can enter Seireitei and go to the Spiritual Arts Academy.”

  ”Let’s go over.”

  Renji eyes are shining, and the four people came to the assessment point. There are already residents of Rukongai who are being assessed. Most of them are teenagers, between the ages of 15 and 19.

  Of course, in Soul Society, soul age is much lower than Human World, especially the higher Reiatsu, the slower the aging speed.

  Most people are more than 100 years old on the appearance of young and teenage. Like Unohana Retsu is still not old for 2000 years. Tōshirō Hitsugaya is 50 years old, he basically stayed at the age of nine.

  Four people entered the crowd, Xia Yan’s eyes looked at the assessment scene, found that the Shinigami responsible for the assessment, asked a few questions, they took out two instruments to test.

  ”What are the two instruments? What is being tested?” Xia Yan asked in a whisper from behind.

  Kira Iziru said with a smile: “These two instruments, one test age, one test is Reiatsu.”

  Renji looked a little and asked: “Isn’t it just Reiatsu?”

  Kira Iziru nodded. “To get into the Spiritual Arts Academy, the age is not more than 200 years old, except for Reiatsu.”

  ”It turned out to be test of age.”

  Renji nodded and said: “This is no problem, we have not reached this age.”

  Xia Yan is younger and naturally does not need to worry.

  Four people stood in the queue waiting, some of the people in front passed the test, and some could only leave.

  Soon arrived at Renji turn, who was in charge of a middle-aged Shinigami wearing Shihakushō with a faint smile on his face.

  There is also a young girl next to the examiner, sitting next to him and taking out a form.

  Renji was first, examiner looks at Renji and asked, “What is the name?”

  ”Abarai Renji.”

  ”Place of residence?”

  “South Rukongai, Inuzuri.”

  The examiner kept asking, and the girl next to it recorded the content. After the basic inquiry, the examiner took out an instrument, similar to goggles, with a black body, a screen on it, and a black strap. He handed the instrument to Renji and said, “Take it.”

  Renji quickly took the instrument and after a few seconds there were three numbers 126 on it.

  The examiner nodded and said: “126 years old.”

  After the girl next to me wrote down, the examiner took back the age-exploring instrument and took out a wristband to Renji.

  Renji took the wristband and it didn’t take long for a four-character to appear on the display on the wristband.

  ”Fourth-class Reiatsu.”

  The examiner said: “Meet the Spiritual Arts Academy assessment criteria and become a student of the Spiritual Arts Academy.”


  Upon hearing this, Renji cheered.

  The middle-aged Shinigami waved his hand and said, “Well, you are waiting to be there, and a teacher will take you to the Spiritual Arts Academy.”

  Renji nodded and waited. At the same time, he turned and give a thumbs up at Rukia, Xia Yan and Kira Iziru.

  Next up is Rukia and Kira Iziru, and the two showcased the Ability of gathering Reishi and passed the assessment.

  Rukia is 112 years old, third-class Reiatsu, Kira Iziru is 136 years old, third-class Reiatsu.

  After three person assessment, he arrived at Xia Yan. After Xia Yan answered the basic questions, the examiner handed him his age test instrument.

  After Xia Yan put it on, only a number appeared on the top, 11.

  Seeing this scene, the examiner picked up an eyebrow and said: “You’re eleven, so small? It seems that you are Freshman soul. ”

  The age and appearance of the Soul Society are very different. Many people are only looks in their teens, but they are actually in their 100 years.

  Like Xia Yan, who is only 11 years old, and the same age as the appearance, is basically Freshman Soul.

  The examiner handed the wristband to Xia Yan and said, “Test Reiatsu.”

  Xia Yan nodded and put on a wristband. A four-character appeared on the screen above.

  ”Fourth-class Reiatsu?”

  The examiner looked at Xia Yan with astonishment, said: “At the age of eleven, there is a fourth-class Reiatsu, and your late talent is excellent.”

  At the Spiritual Arts Academy, there are many students with excellent talent, and there is no shortage of sixth-class Reiatsu genius.

  For example, Kaien Shiba, who graduated 50 years ago, has a sixth-class Reiatsu, but he is one of the five nobles of the Shiba family. Although the family has fallen, it still has a formidable background, and he participated in the assessment, which is also in the family cultivation. After entering the Spiritual Arts Academy, it was already over 100 years old.

  For example, Ichimaru Gin used to have a sixth-class spiritual pressure. Although he was born in Rukongai and was an orphan, he was only in his 100 years old when he was attacked by Matsumoto Rangiku before he entered the Spiritual Arts Academy and tried to get close to the murderer.

  And like Xia Yan, who is only 11 years old, or a Freshman soul, has a fourth-class Reiatsu. Such latent talent is extremely good, and it is rare in the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  Xia Yan looks at Shinigami in front of him, and he asks: “Sir, am I passed the assessment, can I enter the Spiritual Arts Academy?”

  The examiner said with a smile: “Of course, you are also waiting to there.”

  Xia Yan came to the trio with the joy of heart, and except for Kira Iziru face indifferent, Renji, Rukia and Xia Yan look a little excited.

  Being able to enter the Spiritual Arts Academy means that in the next six years, they will be in a stable environment.

  You don’t have to live in a run-down house, endure cold and hot, no hooligan harassment, you can also eat delicious food.

  And in the future, you can become Shinigami, and you can live in the singularity and have a superior life.

  Entering the Spiritual Arts Academy is the beginning of changing your destiny.

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