Chapter 9 : Starting school

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  In a blink of an eye, it’s the day of school, all Freshman gathered in the auditorium on the first floor of the school building.

  Xia Yan is wearing a blue male school uniform, standing in the queue of the second class of the first grade, staring at the teacher in the stands.

  Today is the opening ceremony, the students of the whole school are gathered here, in addition to the first-year students, there are students from the second to sixth grade.

  Xia Yan was assigned to the second class of the first grade, Renji and Kira Iziru was in same class, but Rukia was assigned to three class and was not with them.

  At this time, the principal of the Spiritual Arts Academy, an old man named Yulu Malu, is telling the students about the origins of the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  “Spiritual Arts Academy was founded 2000 years ago. The founder was the current Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. During the creation, there were more than 20 Shinigami nurturing and made great efforts to protect the Soul Society…”

  “I hope that all true Spiritual Arts students are aiming to be Shinigami and to protect the Soul Society…”

  The principal told the story for more than half an hour to finish the speech, followed by other teachers in the school who held important positions, and talked for more than two hours.

  It wasn’t until a teacher came up that Xia Yan stared with his eyes wide.

  I saw a brown short hair with black-rimmed glasses standing on the podium. Middle-aged Shinigami with brown eyes.

  Unlike other Shinigami, he is wearing a white haori, which is the symbol of the Thirteen Team Captain.

  And this Shinigami, Xia Yan understands that it is the 5th Division Captain, Sōsuke Aizen the big boss of the Arrancar Army.

  Why is he here?

  The current Aizen have been close to sixty years of fierce defection, but the immature Hōgyoku has been researched and is beginning to attack Shinigami in Human World one by one.

  Thinking of this, Xia Yan was slightly alert, and look at Aizen were full of alert.

  Aizen standing in the stands and said with a smile: “The teacher in front talked a lot, and I don’t take up much of your time. I only say one sentence. If you have a freshman who wants to learn calligraphy, you can come to the calligraphy class I founded. ”

  Leaving this sentence, Aizen walked out of the stands.


  Xia Yan remembered, Aizen set up a calligraphy classroom, or the president of the Seireitei Calligraphy Association.

  Xia Yan does not want to be dominated by Aizen, and it seems that he should avoid Aizen as much as possible.

  Next to Xia Yan, Renji said with a smile: “This teacher is very good, not as much as other teachers say.”

  Another student added: “Aizen is the Captain of 5th Division.”

  Hinamori Momo couldn’t help but sigh: “Captain Aizen is not only handsome, but also cultivated, and he still has calligraphy, or Captain of the 5th Division. It is a great man.”

  Hear this, Xia Yan slightly frown, Hinamori Momo in original work is Aizen of brain powder, she was a member  Aizen calligraphy classroom in Spiritual Arts Academy, and then because admiration to Aizen, entered 5th Division, finally became Lieutenant, and after announcing Aizen betrayal, still choose to believe him, was Aizen stabbed a knife heal, continue to blindly believe Aizen, but also with his childhood many blade and Sword opposite.

  Thinking of Hinamori Momo blind actions in the future, Xia Yan felt helpless.

  As Aizen speech ended and the opening ceremony ended, the students sneaked out of the auditorium.

  Since tomorrow officially took classes, he left the school and went home directly, while the students staying on campus stayed on campus.

  Xia Yan, Abarai Renji, and Kira Iziru didn’t go back to the dormitory immediately, but waited outside for Rukia, but when they saw Rukia and other girls in the third class talking and laughing, Renji smiled and said: “It seems that Rukia has made friends. Let’s go.”

  Xia Yan nodded and knew that Renji did not want to fix Rukia in their small circle.

  Xia Yan three people left directly and returned to the dormitory.

  On the second day, the formal lecture began.

  At the Spiritual Arts Academy, Freshman is a freshman who studies history, virtual knowledge, soul burial and how to kill culture classes.

  In addition, there are only two trainings, Zanjutsu and Hakuda.

  Zanjutsu and Hakuda are less demanding for Reiatsu, and can exercise Reiatsu and increase actual combat Ability, so it is more suitable for Freshman.

  In the upper grades, you can learn Shunpo and junior Kido. The prerequisite for learning is the fourth-level Reiatsu. If you can’t reach the fourth-class Reiatsu before the sixth grade, you can only drop out of school.

  In addition, there are special trainings for the Onmitsukidō force and 4th Division. The former has extremely high requirements for Shunpo and Hakuda, while the latter has higher requirements for the use of Kaidō in Kido.

  In addition, the 12th Division Technology Development Institute and Kido will also select the right players at the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  Xia Yan has not yet thought about the future, but the most important thing now is to increase his own strength as much as possible to cope with the conspiracy Aizen has shown sixty years later.

  Xia Yan, Renji and Kira Iziru came to the classroom. After Xia Yan sat down, he took out the textbook and soon it’s time for class, the teacher arrived.

  The teacher’s appearance is about 50 years old. Wearing a black Shihakushō, he came to the podium and wrote his name. He started the lecture.

  The first lesson is history. This course focuses on the birth of Shinigami, the composition of World, and the evolution of Shinigami in a long history.

  Through teacher story and the contents recorded in the book, Xia Yan knows that the Soul Society has appeared a hundred years ago. That time is also the time when human beings were born. The death of human beings is accompanied by the birth of the soul, and the soul will be transformed into Shinigami and Hollow.

  From a million years ago, Shinigami and Hollow were on the opposite side, fighting each other, each with an exit.

  In the process, Shinigami is more and more forformable through genetic power, and Hollow is getting stronger through Evolution.

  After that, the Soul Society evolved several times, and it was only 2000 years ago that a unified system was formed.

  Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto established the 13th team, and founded the Spiritual Arts Academy, which has cultivated a large number of talents and curbed the development of Hollow.

  In addition to the history of this course, there is Hollow knowledge.

  Hollow is the soul after death, because of the despair or regret of Human World or the deep shackles of human beings, full of grievances, enduring the torture of time, and finally falling into vain.

  There will be a hole in Hollow chest, which represents the inner emptiness, and wrapped in a thick mask.

  There are many types of Hollow, in addition to the ordinary Hollow Menos Grande, Menos Grande is divided into the Gillian, Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde.

  Gillian can only be dealt with Shinigami who have Shikai, while Adjuchas already has Lieutenant to the Captain-level Strength. As for the Vasto Lorde, the Strength is still above the Captain level.

  In addition to Hollow introduction, there is how to kill Hollow and how to purify Hollow.

  Although many Hollow represent evil and cruelty, blindly destroying it will only destroy the balance between Soul Society, Human World and Hueco Mundo.

  This is also the practice of Gotei division, but also the reason why Shinigami have in Gotei division.

  In addition, there is knowledge about soul, such as the composition of the soul, the burial, the transformation of Reishi, and so on.

  Xia Yan studied this knowledge very seriously, made notes of the contents told by the teacher, carefully reviewed, and also came up with many questions of extensibility and asked the teacher.

  In the eyes of Renji, I feel that he is doing something extra. To become Shinigami, combat power is the most important thing. Why care about the contents of these cultural courses?

  So Renji puts most of his time on to train and rarely recites the knowledge of books.

  Xia Yan knows that this knowledge is very important, and perhaps he can find the possibility of countering Aizen from this knowledge.

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