BSI Chapter 100 : Ushoda Hachigen

Edited: XiaXue After the lunch break, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Xia Yan found Ushoda Hachigen and followed him to the basement. There is Ushoda Hachigen standing in front of Xia Yan and asking: “What Kido do you master?” Xia Yan replied: “I have mastered Hadō and Bakudō at  low and middle levels. There are only a few specific high-level Hadō and Bakudō.” Even after Xia Yan was attacked

BSI Chapter 99 : Present

Edited: XiaXue Phwap! Phwap! Phwap! Xia Yan’s fist and Kuna Mashiro fist collide together, making a loud muffled sound, the fist wind burst, and the fist shadow is interwoven into a large net. “Hong!” The two men again punched, Xia Yan stepped back a few steps, but still stood firm, and at the same time, the Hollow mask also Shattered. “This is half an hour, and the high-intensity combat state

BSI Chapter 98 : Kuna Mashiro

Edited: XiaXue Kuna Mashiro Strength is very strong. 71 years ago is Vice-Captain above Tōsen Kaname. Of course, Tōsen Kaname hides his own Strength, but Kuna Mashiro is not weak. After wearing mask, the combat power doubles. She can instant kill Menos Grande, and can also kick to dead Hooleer, the huge one-eyed hollow that helps Aizen escape from Soul Society, the nails of the toes of the limbs, the

BSI Chapter 97 : Vizard Training

Edited: XiaXue Xia Yan cleaned the room with Yadomaru Lisa help, and Xia Yan cleaned it very carefully. He did not let go of any corners. After cleaning, he went to order furniture. He booked a bed, a desk, bought a hanger, and the goods were shipped quickly, but they were not immediately available, but they needed to be converted into spiritual item. In the Soul Society, the soul, architecture,

BSI Chapter 96 : Miss

Edited: XiaXue The space where Xia Yan controls Hollowfication is the underground location of the Visored Legion stronghold, which opens up a huge space and a warehouse on the ground. The warehouse is very large and closed by the enchantment. If you don’t get the approval of Ushoda Hachigen, you can’t enter the enchantment. Only the completion skill that Inoue Orihime has mastered is similar to that of Ushoda Hachigen,