BSI Chapter 108 : Double Thunder Wing

Edited: XiaXue X-N: change of term for the process use hollow mask to Blur After Muguruma Kensei use Hollow Mask, the speed became faster, the feet stepped on the ground, and the body suddenly disappeared. The next moment appeared in front of Xia Yan, and the short knife in his hand cut to Xia Yan neck direction. Xia Yan body leaned back, the blade wiped the tip of his nose,

BSI Chapter 107 : Muguruma Kensei

Edited: XiaXue “Hong!” Xia Yan punched out and collided with Kuna Mashiro foot, and after a loud bang, he saw a ripple that was scattered and the dust around it instantly rose. KA-CHING! The masks on Xia Yan and Kuna Mashiro face were simultaneously fragmented, and together they were smeared. “Very good, relying on the strength of the fist, you can already resist the long-term Mashiro kick.” Yadomaru Lisa stood

BSI Chapter 106 : hero

Edited: XiaXue Xia Yan speed is not too fast. After leaving the warehouse, he went outside. He didn’t dare to use Reishi, so he could only run on the body’s Strength. He ran to the Green Mountain and spent half an hour before he came to the foot of the mountain, but did not see the trace of Misaomaru Kanonji. Speed ​​is really fast. Xia Yan did not immediately search,

BSI Chapter 105 : Misaomaru Kanonji

Edited: XiaXue After agreeing with the youth, Yoruichi squatted down and looked at little girl and asked, “Children, what trouble have you encountered?” The little girl is only about eight years old, looks cute, not tall, and has short hair, but her face is full of sadness. The little girl cried and said, “My Mama, Mama… was taken away by Monster.” “Monster?” Yoruichi frowned and asked, “What kind of Monster?”

BSI Chapter 104 : Request

Edited: XiaXue The whole soul gathering point, most of them are souls of higher spiritual power, their life span far exceeds the ordinary soul, and some are the souls of two or three hundred years ago. But the so-called spiritual power is relatively strong, most of them are second-class Reiatsu, and very few can reach third-class Reiatsu. This second-class Reiatsu, able to feel the spirit power, can gather Reishi, which