BSI Chapter 92 : Instinct and Strategy

Edited: XiaXue Xia Yan is in a difficult battle. The opposite side fights with instinct. It is always possible to choose the best response in the battle to avoid danger and carry out Attack. Xia Yan can’t beat the opposite side, but gradually no longer attack, so that it should not change, not take initiative, just defense, shorten the movement distance, increase the speed, and block the attack of opposite

BSI Chapter 91 : White Xia Yan

Edited: XiaXue This wide Space surrounded by skyscrapers and spacious roads, and on the top of the tallest building, the two figures stand opposite each other. “Can I control your Strength only if I win over you?” Xia Yan looks at the Hollow form in front of him, gently asked. “Win me? How could it be?” White Xia Yan corner of mouth cracked open, revealing a cruel smile, saying: “The

BSI Chapter 90 : The Final Arrangement

Edited: XiaXue Look at a white hair in front of him, his eyes are black, his face is wearing a sinister smile, and he still holds a short gun in his hand. Xia Yan knows that his final arrangement has been successful. Opposite is the Hollow self, entering Hollowfication must first curb the soul to commit suicide, limit the unrestricted boundaries, and then control the Hollowfication in breaking Shinigami and

BSI Chapter 89 : Letters

Edited: XiaXue This the Ending of Arc 1 so from next chapter we will begin Arc 2 😀 Unohana Retsu Captain, Hello, when you saw this letter, I was arrested and entered the prison or died. This time you will open this letter to see the real murderer. The murderer is Aizen and he is not as gentle as his appearance, and Strength formidable, which reached the peak of Shinigami

BSI Chapter 88 : Funeral

Edited: XiaXue “Xia Yan, born in the sling area of ​​the seventy-eighth district of South Rukongai, entered the Spiritual Arts Academy at the age of twelve, graduated two years later, entered the second detachment of Onmitsukidō troops as the aide of Captain, and became three detachment Team Captain six years later. In xxx, assisted in the search for the defection of Shinigami, and was sneaked and killed by Tōsen Kaname