MR Chapter 68 : Reef Shark

Edited: XiaXue “There are sharks!” Jiang Hai’s current five senses can be said to be in human limits. At the moment when the shark fins surface, Jiang Hai had already noticed it. The first time he got up and Philemon next to him is startled. But wait until he saw the shark fin in the distance, can not help but sigh, continued to pour the fish from the sink, but

MR Chapter 66 : Rich Species

Edited: XiaXue Of course, with the recent years, China has become the top priority of the catering industry. Europeans and Americans have begun to catch sea cucumbers and then send them to China. This is a very popular food in China. However, it is obvious that Jiang Hai’s sea cucumbers are not ready for sale because Edward only wants to look at the marine resources, so it does not freeze

MR Chapter 65 : Seasickness

Edited: XiaXue “Vo… vomit…” On the ship’s side, Jiang Hai felt his stomach rolling, his intestines rolling, his brain rolling… This is not the first time Jiang Hai took the boat, but he used to be in small boat, still in the country. Basically, they are all river boats. Although there are some waves, they are really not big. When the waves are big, no one will sail out. So

MR Chapter 67 : Harvesting

Edited: XiaXue “This thing, little bit of venom, is enough for our ship’s life!” The wooden board was washed with sea water and put back into the ship’s warehouse. Philemon said with a smile. In fact, under the ocean, like the land, there are poisonous creatures everywhere, not only known, such as sea snakes, jellyfish, sea anemones, etc., many fish are also poisonous, some are meat poisonous, some are poisonous

MR Chapter 63 : Competition

Edited: XiaXue “Carlett? Isn’t the biggest thing for me here? And can my cows be sold, related to the quality of my cows, and have a wool relationship with them!” Hearing the words of Burke Dale who came next to him, Jiang Hai said with a bad face. “Really, if you talk about the place, you are the biggest private estate in the country, but if you want to sell