MR Chapter 79 : Thanksgiving

Edited: XiaXue “Bang!” “Bang!” As Jiang Hai came out of the outdoor store, he had a huge bag on his hand, and as he threw it hard, he threw it into the f650 next door. This bag is really big, not even much smaller than Jiang Hai, but there are a lot of things in it. In addition to the clothes of mountain lion’s skin, there are other clothes, in

MR Chapter 78 : Leather Clothing

Edited: XiaXue Indeed, before coming, Jiang Hai really considered this kind of clothes because it was really warm. Yesterday he looked at the clothes that Bell wore, and he really envied it, but after he came here, he found this clothes turned out to be the cheapest ones, and Jiang Hai had some who didn’t want to buy it, although he didn’t like to compare. But what he said now

MR Chapter 77 : Outdoor Stores

Edited: XiaXue Jiang Hai really has no talent for naming. On this point, he himself admits that, almost the black Caucasus, he is called the little white, the blue-gray green wolf, the result is called little yellow but there is no yellow and white hair, but Jiang Hai was so stubbornly named it. When it comes to horse and sand tiger sharks, it is obvious that he is more casual

MR Chapter 76 : Big Silly

Edited: XiaXue “Call, it is finally cleaned up.” Wiping the sweat on his forehead, Jiang Hai said with a smile. I’ve been busy since the morning until now, and I haven’t seen the time. It’s already more than three in the afternoon. Jiang Hai’s group of people finally cleared all the main roads and the snow like squares. Jiang Hai couldn’t help but smile at the snow roads pushed on

MR Chapter 75 : Wind and Snow

Edited: XiaXue Boston is located in northern hemisphere, and it is also a cold zone. Because of the influence of Atlantic monsoon, the city is rainier and snowy. The average annual rainfall is 42 inches or 108 centimeters. The amount of snowfall is also 42 inches, which means that it is snowing like rain, and there is no fart. Especially on Winthrop, because it depends on Atlantic Ocean, although there