BTC Chapter 175 : Sitting and talking without backache

Edited: XiaXue I saw the doorway, a forty-year-old middle-aged man was changing shoes. He is tall, short-haired, wearing a dark suit, and his face is well-defined. When he doesn’t talk, his brows are slightly down, giving a serious, unsmiling feeling. This, presumably is Su Zhirong father, Su Shi. Su Shi glanced at her and his eyes quickly fell on Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin stood up and said, “Uncle is good.”

BTC Chapter 174 : Artificial Mental Retardation

Edited: XiaXue Su Zhirong family conditions are also relatively affluent, living in a high-end residential area in Central District of Shanghai. Lu Zixin took a good gift and went to visit with Su Zhirong sister. When they arrived at doorstep, the door opened automatically. A middle-aged woman smiled and greeted her and said, “Xiaoyu reminds me, you are here.” According to Su Zhirong, her mother is called Ye Rui. Now

BTC Chapter 173 : Master Zhang

Edited: XiaXue Lu Zixin went to the Kun Peng Battery Factory and found that Zhang Qiang was not in the factory. He called Bi Bosi and asked, “What about Zhang Qiang?” “Master Zhang, he went to the electronics factory.” Bi Bosi said. “Master Zhang?” Lu Zixin looked at him strangely. The “ID card” of RI-8901 industrial robot was only in his twenties, but the concept of Bi Bosi junior, before

BTC Chapter 172 : Are you floating?

Edited: XiaXue Seeing the emoticon sent by Red Queen, Lu Zixin certainly had to ridicule, and quickly sent pictures, and the text: “Tear the broken and waste computer, fifty cents a pound.” Red Queen : “[emoticon: a dime is not for you!]” Tony Stark : “Since the research can’t produce results, then I’m going to develop a steel shirt that is resistant to ultra-high temperatures.” Red Queen : “Although I

BTC Chapter 171 : Domestic

Edited: XiaXue What reason? Morris thought a lot and asked other colleagues. There are many reasons for this, but the most fundamental reason is only one – Red Letter! The Red Letter smartphone has replaced the original Apple mobile phone in Chinese market. Their performance is better and more creative. The Red Letter mobile phone system is also more suitable for Chinese users. Morris took a deep breath and replied: