BTC Chapter 70 : Don’t jump off the the building

Edited: XiaXue Mr. L : “[emoticon: You seem to tease me?]” Red Queen : “[emoticon: funny face] is actually not without gain. Although the full version of the super serum can not be copied, but I extracted some variant genes, added to normal cells, and produced low-level serum.” Peter Parker : “What is low-level serum?” Red Queen : “It’s the part that not have the spiders ability. It’s only the

BTC Chapter 69 : 99.9%

Edited: XiaXue For Red Letter move, Tencent has paid more attention to it. They have already seen three Red Letter projects, and each time they have achieved great success. It is worth mentioning that in fact, now Jinhai Software largest shareholder is also Tencent. It’s just that the team is different in terms of specific operations. Tencent computer housekeepers are also among the best in terms of market share. The

BTC Chapter 68 : Jealous?

Edited: XiaXue The establishment of the Computer Manager Project Department of Red Letter Games has not been made public yet. In this area, a major event is happening. In the field of computer housekeepers, the current market share of the most popular Qibao 330 network Science and Technology, this time period, they are through its subsidiaries, backdoor listing. Qibao 330 Network Science and Technology is the first network science and

BTC Chapter 67 : Out of the game field

Edited: XiaXue Xue Yao is on the road, and her mood is still very embarrassing. After waiting for arrive at Headquarters, Jia Hai personally met and confirmed this, she only came back. The ecstasy in the heart does not need to be said, it is even more embarrassing. The elementary school brother of that year was already big man who made her to look up. She really don’t know how