MST Chapter 119 : Program Preparation

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The sale of the program copyright has been negotiated, the contract has been signed, CCTV ’s signboard is not covered. In addition, the Journey to the West has been in flames in the past few days. The advertising has also been extremely smooth. CCTV has taken the lead in setting up advertisements for three companies. They are Dejing Ceramics, Aijia Home Furnishing, Chenchen Stationery.

Originally, according to the nature of businessmen’s profit, the more advertisements of the program, the better, but there is no way. The type of the program is limited. Ye Guang program does not need too big scene and stage, a table a chair a few square size place is enough, there is no way to insert too many ads, although CCTV also want to implant some ads, But also take into account the quality of the program and the audience’s senses, and ultimately only choose the three ads.

The program needs to be re-created. This is the requirement of the advertiser. Moreover, CCTV also feels that the original recorded programs are somewhat shoddy. The stage is not like a stage. The audience is not like an audience. There is no beauty at all.

Originally, Ye Guang has uploaded more than a dozen issues on the Internet, and there are more than 20 episodes in the hands that have not been uploaded. This is all white, and I had to come again.

But the one who gives the money is the uncle. Since the people ask for it, they have to do it. Otherwise, people give money for what.

The program was recorded in the indoor studio on studio second floor. Although the copyright was sold to CCTV, the recording was also played by Youxianqi Entertainment, they produced, CCTV broadcast, and a new variety concept also entered the public’s vision, separation of production and broadcasting.

This is also the first real separation of production and broadcasting programs in China.

A studio of several hundred square meters is more than enough to record this kind of program, and the stage scenes and auditoriums were re-arranged, and the recording began.

The stage layout is more refined than before, lighting also do a lot better than the original, the auditorium is also renovated. There are twenty or so antique small round tables, each of which is equipped with two backrest leather cushion chairs. There are tea sets and some dried fruit snacks on the table, which is quite the meaning of a tea house club. It is not like the original is just put on some bench folding chairs.

Of course, these are sponsored by advertisers. Tables and chairs are provided by Aijia Home Furnishing. The tea bowls on the table are provided by Dejing Ceramics. Chenchen Stationary has nothing to do with the audience, so they provide a snack.

The arrangement on the stage is a little more refined, but in fact it is similar to the original one, It is impossible to compare the stage of the storytelling program too, the same table and chair, the table is placed some objects, such as a stack of fruit Run drinks, such as ink pen and ink printed Chenchen stationery logo, a set of teapots and teacups printed with Dejing ceramics, and of course the tables and chairs with logos provided by Aijia Home Furnishing.

The preparation for the recording of the program was completed very quickly, but there was still a problem. The audience was not enough. There were 2 people at each table in 20 tables. If you were full, you would have 40 people, but the total staff of studio was 20 people and the employees also have their own positions, and it is impossible for all the staff to sit there and make up the number.

Jiang Fengxian came up with an idea. “If there is no way, there will be prizes to invite the masses to participate, otherwise the empty recording will not look good..”

It can only be like this, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang have no opinion.

However, Ye Guang thought about it and let Jiang Fengxian not invite the masses. He thought about ways and that could invite the people to participate.

Ye Guang’s approach is also quite simple. He remembers that there are many neighbors in his own community who are idle all day, and they are playing chess and teasing, or they are gathering together in groups of three.

They are all neighbors who have known each other for many years. They are also familiar with each other. When he call them, they should come to the tea house to listen to the story, drink tea, eat snacks, but it is also free. Anyway, it is free. Old neighbors and old neighborhoods send a wave of benefits.

Just do it.

Ye Guang immediately called his father, after returning home last time, he saw Liu Chiyan being so virtuous and clever. Yiyi is so smart, and it really makes Father feel a lot more comfortable. He was no longer angry with Ye Guang.

Ye Guang: “Dad, are you busy? There is something I want to discuss with you.”

When he received a call from Ye Guang, Father didn’t want to be salty. “Well, let’s talk.”

Ye Guang: “Uh, Dad, this is the case. I recorded this program, but I need some viewers…” Ye Guang told things to him simply about things and their own ideas.

After father listening, “Is it urgent? I have to ask about this.”

Ye Guang: “You don’t worry, I will start recording tomorrow. Then Dad, please help me. You have a message to tell me as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work, I will make arrangements early.”

At nights

When Ye Guang was eating, mother called.

“Son, what’s the matter? I asked your dad about your business.”

“Mom, I, Liu’er and Yiyi are eating, how is it going, can’t you?”

“No problem.” The mother on the phone must have said, “The neighbours of neighborhood are very happy to see you recording the program. I have estimated that there should be more than 30 people.”

Ye Guang is happy, “That’s great, that line, Mom, tomorrow, I have a car in the morning to pick up the neighbors.”

Mother: “Without the effort, we will be there.”

Ye Guang: “That won’t work. I ask everyone to help. How can I let them come? Let me say that, I will pick up them tomorrow.”

The next day, Ye Guang asked Liu Chiyan for some money, and found a bus company to rent a bus to pick up neighbors at the parent’s home.

The time has already been said. When Ye Guang arrives, neighbors gather.

“Hey, Little Ye is coming.”

“Little Ye, you have to record the show, it’s really good, and I will sign it as a big celebrity.”

“Little Ye, is it Journey to the West? I watched it online, it’s very good.”

Neighbourhood neighbors greeted Ye Guang, and Ye Guang responded one by one.

There are a lot of neighborhoods, there are those named by Ye Guang and those who can’t. They are roughly thirty.

“Hey, Uncle Zhang, you go too, my aunt doesn’t care about you?”

Uncle Zhang: “Your aunt is also going together, promise, there.”

Ye Guang looked over and sure, Auntie Zhang was in the crowd.

“Elder brother Li, why are you here?”

“Hey, what are you talking about, can’t I come?”

“No, it doesn’t mean this, I mean you don’t have to go to work?”

“These days are vacation, it’s bored at home, just to get together.”

“Little Yu, why are you here, are you in class today?”

“Brother Guang, have you not seen me for a few years? I have graduated well, Aunt Ye said that Liu Chiyan is there, I am going to find her to sign, Brother Guang, when there, help me.”


The people talked for a moment.

“Okay, everyone is on the bus, let’s go now.”

The crowd went into the bus and father and mother went up.

Ye Guang: “Dad, are you going too?”

Father looked at his face. “Why, we can’t go.”

Ye Guang touched the nose. “You all come, who is watching the store.”

Mother: “Your father and I can’t take a day off for ourselves. Anyway, it’s our own store. I want to close it, be willful!”

Everyone in the bus burst into laughter.

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