MST Chapter 136 : I’m afraid of Nambin Tao Li jealous

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Ye Guang blew out old woman, instantly angered Kong Xiulian.

“What?” Kong Xiulian gritted her teeth, “You dare to scold me!”

Ye Guang cut out, “I scolded you, or I would beat you if you weren’t woman. Don’t fart, don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t treat my patience with you as your shameless capital, look at the sky, you have no eyes. Who do you mean with that, I owe you a loan that is due or you think that you are a comet Halley, and that 6 billion people across the globe must pay respect. Why do you have to put gold on your husband’s face? Have you given your face? It’s less like pulling 25,800,000 in front of me, please set up POSE and reload 13. Are you afraid of chewing your tongue, rotted mouth, what kind of skill is dog screaming, and it really counts as you are really biting me. If you are so good, you can’t go to heaven.”

Ye Guang came directly, although he could not scold, but he would copy the swearing words. The netizens of Dream World are very researched in the swearing, and the various swearing words are endless. Ye Guang has seen some. With the Highly Retentive Memory skill, I also wrote down a lot.

In the end, Ye Guang is still a quality person. Even if he is a monk, he still tries to pick some things that are not too much, and there is no insulting vocabulary. Ye Guang is also very distressed. He is really not good at this.

Kong Xiulian: “You little bastard… You actually…”

Ye Guang: “Old woman… You ungrateful animal……”

Kong Xiulian : “…”

Ye Guang: “…”

The two of them immediately launched a battle, and you came to me to spit. [A-N: I really don’t want to swear, ellipsis the picture of my own brain war, I also don’t want to go online to copy a large number of water words.]

But others don’t think so, writers are all face to face.

Little Ye still has this operation?

Although many writers look at Ye Guang hate Kong Xiulian’s heart, this woman is a bit harsh on weekdays, just throwing a full-screen thunder to them, and they all agreed to it, but everyone is a cultural person after all, one after another began to persuade.

“Little Ye, OK, OK, it’s almost ok, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, nothing, everyone is a little bit angry.”

“Writer Kong, you see this thing, you are considered a senior, don’t worry about it with children…..”

The crowds opened the two and persuaded them.

Ye Guang stopped talking, but Kong Xiulian’s mouth was still shattered and read some swearing words. “Small bastard, you have the ability to make poetry, and you are so smooth and have a fart! I see that you are not able to bear, you are not worthy of joining the association famous reputation!”

“Hey, Writer Kong, say less, say less.”

“You can’t do it at this time. It takes inspiration to write poetry. How can you come and say it?”

Ye Guang: “Who said that I can’t do it.”

Everyone has a glimpse.

Ye Guang continued: “What do I say, you can close your beak.”

Kong Xiulian was always nagging at Ye Guang, is bothered and annoyed, but he can’t really smoke her.

Kong Xiulian hasn’t talked yet, the oldest Guan Zhenxian is out, “Little Ye, you made it, you really made it. I promised not to let her talk. Your poems have been made. She wants to dare to smother me. It’s humiliating to read her a book!”

Kong Xiulian has been entangled, and Guan Zhenxian is also coming. This event was initiated by him. He is certainly not happy.

Kong Xiulian didn’t talk, but Guan Zhenxian was still a bit of prestige. Such rumors were said, and she didn’t dare to say anything more, but she only remembered Guan Zhenxian with her heart.

Everyone looked at Ye Guang and waited for him to write poetry.

Ye Guang thought about it and said:

“A cluster of thousands of dry, cut the red dragonfly but make a ball.”

“The wind and the dance are not full of scent, and the makeup is completely dry.”

A group of writers have deep literary skills. Listening to Ye Guang’s poems, I look at the pomegranate tree beside me and secretly nod. This poem is wonderful!

Ye Guang continues to speak.

“What is the red jade? Who is the red trousers?”

“But I know that there is a bad feeling, and I am afraid of Nanbin Tao Li.”

After Ye Guang reading a poem, the writers present were quiet, and they still remembered the meaning of Ye Guang’s poem.

To put it bluntly, Ye Guang’s poem is not a complete copy of Dream World’s poem, but two poems. The two capitals are from Bai Juyi’s Poet’s works, “The Mountain Pomegranate Flower” and “Hishan Pomegranate Blossom”. The upper part and the lower part of the poem, the same person, also look good.

This is also because the two poems can not be apt to the current situation, the following sentence: “The Pomegranate Flower”:

Roses and thorns should be lazy, and it is difficult to play with mud.

Fight for this flower to the door, let people look at it.

By comparing rhododendrons with roses and lotus flowers, Poet expressed his sighs about the human condition. It is not very appropriate to use here.

The first few sentences of the other “Xishan Pomegranate Blossoms”:

The flowers in Chongzhou are today and the trees on the top of Lushan Mountain last year.

Has been pity root damage new planting, but also like to spend the old number.

These names and scenes are even more inappropriate. If you really move out, you will laugh and laugh.

Ye Guang thought about it and simply split the two poems into one. In this world, he made the original, and he was not afraid of the coffin board of big Poet Bai.

The first applaud was Hong He.

“Good, good, good poem! The first four sentences fully depict the shape, color, posture, taste and liveness of the pomegranate flower. It is the picture of the pomegranate tree behind it.”

“Really wonderful, I don’t know much about poetry, but I also think this poem is wonderful.”

“It is indeed a good poem. I didn’t expect Little Ye to really make poetry, and such a good poem.”

“The new generation Poet is worthy.”

The writers laughed and praised.

There were also good deeds that looked at Kong Xiulian with a joke.

“Some people are afraid that they are uncomfortable in their hearts…”

“I have nothing to say this time.”

“But I know that there is a bad feeling, and I am afraid of Nanbin Tao Li. I don’t think it’s very good to use this peach and plum, but it’s inevitable that people will be jealous if they know it, but it’s not appropriate to compare those jealous people to peaches and plums. It’s better to change into wildflowers.”

Several writers cover their mouths and snicker, and Ye Guang can’t help but smile.

Kong Xiulian’s face was flushed, but she didn’t dare to attack. First, Guan Zhenxian had the first words in front, and the other ones who spoke now in the provincial association were higher than her. Ye Guang was young and she dared to sprinkle. These women did not dare to scream.

Typical bullying is afraid of toughness.

A small episode passed and the group continued along the mountain road.

It’s not too late, it’s noon, and the sun is hanging high. It’s good to see no sun in the mountains, and the mountains are cooler and not hot.

“There is a village!”

Walking to a hill, a writer pointed to a basin that was surrounded by mountains.

There is indeed a village with a small scale. There are only a few dozen houses in the house, but it seems that the village is very strange.

Looking from top down, the situation in the village is very clear. Every family has a white cloth on the roof of the eaves. On the windows and on the doors, there are also white cloths.

The whole village is awkward! ! !

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