MST Chapter 138 : Ding Xiang

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The fellows carrying food are very enthusiastic.

One after another rushed in front of the writers.

“Guest, how do you see my old hen, just grabbed it from home, rest assured, I raised it myself, absolutely not sick!”

“Guest, do you think my bacon is not bad? I have always been reluctant to eat it.”

“Look at my ham, it tastes good, come on!”


Many writers looked at each other, and some of them were uncomfortable by the enthusiastic fellows.

Also remembering how long he said at the beginning, afraid of being pitted, a writer weakly asked: “These… How much?

The villagers first saw it, and then some people said, “It’s all from our own home. We don’t know the price. Let’s look at it.”

Looking at it? What is going on here?

In this way, the writers are more worried about being pitted. What if you have finished eating then asking your price?

“There must be a price for our own things, and we are not sure about it. It will easily cause misunderstandings when there are more or less. Then you should give a price.”

The fellows thought that it was indeed the case, so they offered quotations.

“My old hen weighs 4 pounds, so you count 20 yuan a pounds.”

“I have 3 pounds of grass carp, 6 yuan a pound.”

“Bacon 20.”

“Ham 30.”

The fellows have quoted one after another, and the hearts of the writers have been put down. The fellows are still very simple. There is no skyrocketing price. On the contrary, they are very cheap.

Can you buy 20 yuan a pound of pure domestic chicken outside? I want to buy bacon for 22 yuan? Ham actually only buy 30 yuan? This is the cost price.

A writer thinks that the fellows are selling a little cheaper. “Fellow, your price…”

The fellows thought that it was expensive for the writers.

“Guest, is it expensive, then we can be cheaper, my old hen counts you 18…”

“No, no.” The writer who spoke repeatedly waved his hand. “It’s not expensive. It’s too cheap. You can’t lose money if you sell it.”

The fellows realized this. “Hey, what is cheap and not cheap, these are our own things. Chickens and ducks are raised from their own homes. The bacon ham is also made by the pigs that are slaughtered by the family. The fish is also in the pond. There is nothing wrong with losing money.”

The simple villagers are very real.

“That line, that’s all coming, we have to.”

The fellows were happy and cheerful, “Okay, well, let’s get the kitchen to give you the whole.”

A group of people went to the kitchen with their own things, and Ye Guang and others waited.

Not long after, a savory dish began to come to the table.

They are very simple farmhouse practices, there are no different spices, but the natural flavor of the ingredients is delicious, but it is delicious for everyone to eat.

A few fellow villagers have been watching the lively chats in the ancestral hall. The writers invited them to eat together several times. The fellows pay attention to it, saying that they are prepared for the guests. They can’t take the table to take advantage of it, but they are not invited by the writers temptation, finally ate with everyone.

The old stubborn is also there, he also had a few mouthfuls of wine with a few fellow writers who accompanied some good wines.

The wine is also the sorghum wine brewed by the fellow villagers. It tastes mellow and not bad.

Ye Guang didn’t drink, he basically didn’t drink alcohol.

The table is a good occasion to open the topic. Although the fellows are not high in culture, they can drink a lot of food on the table. It is very hot when they eat a meal.

Some writers couldn’t help but be curious, and asked why there were no dead people hanging on the village, as well as the candles on the platform and the brazier paper money on the ground.

The old stubborn drank some wine, when the voice was opened, it was not a secret that could not be said, and the original thing was said.

“Today is the day of Ding Memorial Day.” The old stubborn looked sad with a sad look. “Since the guests asked, I will talk about it. Ding Xiang’s is called Lilac. It turns out that a teacher from our village has been teaching our children in the village. Well-behaved, sensible, and cultural, everyone in the village likes her. Speaking of this Ding Xiang girl is a bitter child, I don’t know where she came from, and asked her, but she didn’t say it clearly. I knew that it was a person from the north. The big girl in her early twenties spent seven years in our village. All her good youth was consumed by the children in our village, good people”

The old stubborn said that there was a tear in his eyes. Several fellows accompanying the wine also looked blank. “We are sorry for others. We are a poor country. There is no place in the country where we can go to school. She have the heart to teach the children, and it takes so many years. It’s a pity, this good woman, God, didn’t take care of it. Last year, this girl suddenly had a serious illness. Our big guy gathered the money and sent it to the hospital. After being checked it’s Late cancer, a good girl, it’s gone.”

People are old and easy to be sentimental, old stubborn head said with a choking with tears, “What a good child, how good people, it’s gone, it’s gone, this child left, we do not know where she specifically from, we couldn’t deliver a letter to her family, buried her in the back of the mountain, we all miss her, today is her Memorial Day, so the big guys are hanging on the room door and window white damask, hope she can see in the sky, know us these people still care about her.”

The writers, while listening to the old stubborn, whimpered and spoke of Ding Xiang, were also infected by his emotions, and all of them looked sad.

Ye Guang has some feelings in his heart. A girl in her twenties has gone to hill village as a teacher. She stayed in this village for seven years. Finally, she died in this strange village. This world has such a selfless dedication.

Dedicated to youth and dedicated to life.

The words of old stubborn are still very simple, and they can’t describe much, but a few words of the singularity make Ye Guang feel a sincere admiration for this girl named Ding Xiang.

“Today is her memorial day. In the afternoon, all people in our village will go to the mountains to see her and give her a new soil in addition to weeding.”

Ye Guang put down the chopsticks in his hand. he was not too full, but he was not interested in eating. “Uncle, can you take me with you in the afternoon?”

The old stubborn said, “Are you going?”

Ye Guang nodded. “Yes, I want to go too. Teacher Ding Xiang is a good teacher. It is worthy of admiration. I am also very sorry about her experience. I didn’t see her before I was alive, but I also want to see her and give her incense.”

Some writers also respond, “I will go too, I will go too.”

“We all want to go.”

Many writers responded, and they also wanted to see the selfless and dedicated teacher and go to her grave to worship.

The old stubborn did not hesitate and nodded immediately. “Well, well, you are willing to go to see the girl. Naturally, I believe that Ding Xiang spirit in heaven will be very happy to see so many of you big writers worship her.”

People with noble personality will always admire people.

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