MST Chapter 163 : Liu Chiyan eliminated

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All four contestants have finished singing.

Several judges also commented one by one, Feng Qiu Huang and Heavenly King Liu both said that they are analogous, a little comment, the judges are not very concerned about their two songs today, but after all, Liu Xuecheng identity of Heavenly King and Feng Qiu Huang is there, the judges will still give them some face, not too much.

Han Yurou was praised by the judges, and her songs were really good.

As for Liu Chiyan, as expected, her Lilac was rejected by the judges because she did not conform to the proposition, and decided to eliminate it tonight.

The final voting link, Han Yurou to 47% advantage, five judges have three cast to him, plus the audience vote, the total support rate reached 47%, followed by Feng Qiu Huang, the support rate of 32%, the remaining two judges teachers voted for Feng Qiu Huang, Heavenly King Liu vote is the audience vote, the total support rate 12%, Liu Chiyan because the proposition is not correct, only got some fans support, support rate of 9%. Liu Chiyan’s 9% support rate is still very good. This is inevitably because of her singing is good, but the wrong proposition is a bad one. The audience who is basically a little fair will not vote for her. Her ticket, there are so many because of the popularity and fans that goddess comes with.

Liu Chiyan was eliminated, Ye Guang frowned while watching TV in the lounge.

On the field.

Ren Keling: “Chiyan, unfortunately, you are the player who was eliminated this evening.”

Liu Chiyan looks normal and smiles lightly. “Well, it’s really a pity. I tried my best. Thank you for the audience and fans who have always supported me. Guys, thank you for what I sang is wrong and you still support me.”

Ren Keling: “Chiyan, I have to say that it is a pity that this song is really very nice tonight. It is a pity that it is not true. Is this song also your big gifted scholar?”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, it was Ye Guang, but in fact he is not willing to let me sing this song, but I am determined to sing it.” In the face of the camera, Liu Chiyan tried to maintain Ye Guang, she didn’t want him to be hated by her fans this evening.

The audience and judges were a bit confused, and Ren Keling was also confused. “Why are you insisting on singing this song?”

Liu Chiyan smiled: “Since the game is over, I have been eliminated. Let me talk about it. Actually, what you said about the song is not correct. I don’t agree. On the contrary, this song is written a teacher’s life, a teacher named Ding Xiang.”

Ren Keling, the audience and judges’ eyes are full of doubts. The scene was quiet and everyone waited for Liu Chiyan to continue explaining.

Still not waiting for Liu Chiyan to speak, there was a cry in the audience, crying is a young man sitting in the back row, it seems that he is not old enough.

Many viewers have cast their eyes on him with doubts, and cameras have also swept over there.

Yi Shan: “It seems that the audience in our field is a little excited because Goddess Liu has been eliminated?”

The crying young guy stood up and shouted, “Give me a microphone, I have something to say!” The broadcast hall is relatively large, plus a lot of audience, some noisy, the young man’s shouting is not very clear.

Yi Shan: “This audience, please calm down.”

The young man was very excited and shouted, “Give me a microphone, I have something to say!”

Yi Shan and Ren Keling looked at each other and then turned their attention to program director sitting under the stage.

The director was silent for a moment, then nodded.

Yi Shan: “This audience, you should calm down first, please staff member take the microphone to the audience.”

There is a staff member to send a microphone.

The young man calmed down a bit, slammed a tear with his sleeve, and then took the microphone. “Heavenly Queen Liu, I want to ask you, is Teacher Ding Xiang in your mouth, Teacher Ding Xiang of Doutang Village?”

Liu Chiyan glanced at the young man with a puzzled look and nodded. “Yes, Ding Xiang, Doutang Village.”

“ooo, ooo, ah hum, ah hum.” I got a definite answer, and the young man cried again. “’s… Teacher, sure enough…Is Teacher… Ding Xiang…” The young man cried and said vaguely.

The audience at the scene and the audience in front of TV were all focused on the young man, and the curiosity in my heart was hooked up.

This… has a story.

Ren Keling: “This audience, please calm down your mood, calm down, we are live broadcast, the show time is limited, what do you want to say, calm down and talk about it.”

The young man nodded, wiped his nose and tears, and endured the sentiment in his heart. He still has tearful voice. “Heavenly Queen Liu said yes, this Ding Xiang is not wrong. On the contrary, this song is written Teacher Ding Xiang life!”

The audience next to him gave the boy a paper towel, and the young man took the tears from his face and continued. “My name is Guo Shan, and I am from mountain village called Doutang Village in in Nanchang.”

When she heard the young man, Liu Chiyan suddenly realized that she understood it. No wonder the young man was so excited. He came from Doutang Village.

Ye Guang, who is watching TV in the lounge, is also amazed.

Guo Shan continued, “We are surrounded by mountains on all sides, very remote, but also very poor, parents give me the name of mountain, is hoping that when I grow up, I can walk out of the mountains. In fact, being poor is nothing, at least food and clothing is not a problem, but we are too remote… too remote, so going to school has become our biggest problem, especially elementary school. In our case, when it turned to be 12 or 13 to 5 or 6 years old. The elementary school has to walk for two hours on the mountain road. For so many years, because there are not one or two children who disappeared on the way to and from school, some of them can’t even find the bones!”

Guo Shan was a little excited when he said that, the audience next to him kindly handed a bottle of water, drank a mouthful, Guo Shan much better, continued, “I am 23 years old, on a freshman, in the freshman, I was old, not my senior three, but because I went to school late, I was 10 years old to start on the study. Because my parents don’t dare let me go to school! The village is partial, the school is far away, and the mountain road is dangerous. These undoubtedly make it a huge problem for our village children to go to school.”

“Then suddenly a year, the village came a young teacher, her name Ding Xiang, said is a teacher, in fact, she was not a few years older than me, I always treat her as an elder sister, my five and six grade courses are she taught, since she came, the children in the village no longer have to walk two hours on the steep mountain road to school every day, the Village People love her very much. In our eyes, she is simply a living Bodhisattva sent by God to save the suffering.”

Guo Chuanshan spoke very seriously, and the audience is listening very seriously.

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