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BSI Chapter 111 : Kurosaki Masaki

Edited: XiaXue After bidding farewell to Shiba Isshin, Xia Yan was more determined to return to Soul Society, so he spent more time on exercise. His current main exercise style is Kido and magnetic field tempering. The former can continue to increase his combat power, while the latter can make his body stronger and increase Reiatsu. As for Shunpo and Hakuda, Xia Yan Ability is enough to deal with most

BSI Chapter 110 : Change

Edited: XiaXue “You are not dead?” Look at Xia Yan in the distance, Shiba Isshin jumped up from the ground and stared at him, his face full of surprise. Xia Yan said with a smile: “Shiba Captain, I am not dead, just fled to Human World and escaped Aizen murder.” Shiba Isshin said: “Wait, you said Aizen?” Xia Yan just wants to talk, and Kisuke Urahara interjects: “This topic is

BSI Chapter 109 : Shiba Isshin

Edited: XiaXue “There is another Reiatsu disappearing, Reiatsu rank is four, three, and five.” Xia Yan sat in the room and carefully wrote down the book. The massive Reiatsu disappearance event in Karakura Town represents Aizen’s attack on Shinigami, which is rotated in Human World. This incident will attract Shiba Isshin to Human World. As a result, he encountered a Hollow, and with just Shikai he could not defeat white