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BSI Chapter 179 : Meeting again

Edited: XiaXue There are nine Shinigamis who come to Hueco Mundo, eight of whom have lost, leaving only one. Soi Fon ran wildly and walked along the long passage, and the thoughts in her heart grew stronger. I haven’t met for half a year, although I can’t compare it with 30 years, but after that time, Soi Fon and Xia Yan are not separated every minute and every second. Soi

BSI Chapter 178 : Lost

Edited: XiaXue In midair, Grimmjow and Kurosaki ichigo are staggered and simultaneously landed on the ground.  Pff. Grimmjow’s right shoulder shot a bloody flower, and Kurosaki ichigo’s left abdomen tore, leaving a bloody mouth. “If you only have this Strength, then I will solve you.” Grimmjow turned back, look at Kurosaki ichigo, and said softly. “Alright, then I will use all the Strengths to deal with you.” Kurosaki ichigo fighting

MR Chapter 68 : Reef Shark

Edited: XiaXue “There are sharks!” Jiang Hai’s current five senses can be said to be in human limits. At the moment when the shark fins surface, Jiang Hai had already noticed it. The first time he got up and Philemon next to him is startled. But wait until he saw the shark fin in the distance, can not help but sigh, continued to pour the fish from the sink, but

BSI Chapter 177 : Failure

Edited: XiaXue In the Great Hall, Abarai Renji’s breathless looks at Kutsuzawa, said, “You are very good, my Ability can’t hurt you, but you can’t hurt me.” Abarai Renji and Kutsuzawa fought for two or three minutes, but they couldn’t hurt the opposite side. They were always switched by the opposite side, Strength, and defensive power. “Can’t hurt you? I just don’t want to hurt you.” Kutsuzawa said, his toes

BSI Chapter 176 : Exchange

Edited: XiaXue In the first Great Hall, Tristan’s toes were a little on the ground, disappearing all at once, appearing behind Abarai Renji and kicking out. “So fast.” Abarai Renji changed his face and turned back with his hands. He crossed his chest and was kicked. “Hong!” Abarai Renji was retreat back and his feet made a mark on the ground. “It turned out to be faster.” Abarai Renji face