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BTC Chapter 99 : Eating JuJube pills

Edited: XiaXue The media were sizzling hot, Rice and Red Letter also pushed behind one another to make the event even hotter. Various experts have jumped out, analyzing and researching the gambling of both parties, basically analyzing the Rice phone to win. Red letter does not respond to this. Anyway, through this incident, the masses know at least that there will be a Red Letter mobile phone, which is the

BSI Chapter 108 : Double Thunder Wing

Edited: XiaXue X-N: change of term for the process use hollow mask to Blur After Muguruma Kensei use Hollow Mask, the speed became faster, the feet stepped on the ground, and the body suddenly disappeared. The next moment appeared in front of Xia Yan, and the short knife in his hand cut to Xia Yan neck direction. Xia Yan body leaned back, the blade wiped the tip of his nose,

BTC Chapter 98 : Free Advertising

Edited: XiaXue The press conference is not over yet, and Internet has already started. The first is the live broadcast of the conference, which then spreads to Weibo and other online media channels. Douyu live broadcast home cover recommendation: “Directly hit Rice mobile phone conference, Tian Xiangshan and Red Letter agreed to one billion gambling!” The title of “One Billion Gambling?” is too attractive. Many netizens who browsed live broadcast

BSI Chapter 107 : Muguruma Kensei

Edited: XiaXue “Hong!” Xia Yan punched out and collided with Kuna Mashiro foot, and after a loud bang, he saw a ripple that was scattered and the dust around it instantly rose. KA-CHING! The masks on Xia Yan and Kuna Mashiro face were simultaneously fragmented, and together they were smeared. “Very good, relying on the strength of the fist, you can already resist the long-term Mashiro kick.” Yadomaru Lisa stood

BTC Chapter 97 : Gambling

Edited: XiaXue “Hello, Mr. Tian.” Lu Zixin voice rang in the field, loud and sharp, and sounded very young. “Hello.” Tian Xiangshan said, “General Lu, I just talked with Mr. Tang, you know it?” Lu Zixin said: “Know, I am watching the live broadcast.” “So General Lu, what do you think?” Tian Xiangshan asked. Everyone raised their ears and waited to hear Lu Zixin’s answer. “Rice’s gambling, we Red Letter