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BTC Chapter 163 : Not smart enough

Edited: XiaXue “This is a simple search, and a more complicated search, which needs to be used after communication with the network side.” Song Yue explained Lu Zixin and then asked Red Cloud: “How about studying the road conditions of Jiangcheng Nine Road?” The intelligent information processing system was obviously delayed for a few seconds, saying: “Jiangcheng nine roads are crowded at present, and traffic jams may occur.” Han Jia

BTC Chapter 162 : Low-level intelligence

Edited: XiaXue It is impossible for the laboratory to say that it will be built soon, but research and development has begun. The image processing software was handed over to Red Letter Software Development Company, and the chip was handed over to the chip development team. The newly formed team mainly studied laser imaging, optical sensors and image display devices. It is not difficult to create a mobile phone camera.

BTC Chapter 161 : Clown

Edited: XiaXue He looked at Zuo Qiuting and said harshly: “There is no need to talk about the endorsement. In addition, you must apologize for the wrong words and deeds!” “Don’t think!” Zuo Qiuting said that, then turn around to leave. Xie Gan said: “It is okay not to apologize. From today, the partners of Red Letter Group and Red Letter will refuse to cooperate with you and all the

BTC Chapter 164 : Framework complete

Edited: XiaXue In this way, Lu Zixin started work on Red Letter Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System project. When Han Jia announced the orders of CEO, the staff of project department was also very puzzled. “Isn’t this chaos? Our work is going well. Now it’s suddenly stopped. Isn’t it all messy?” Wei Tongfu, a senior programmer in the project department, was dissatisfied and said, “No, I have to tell the

BTC Chapter 159 : Nosy

Edited: XiaXue Lu Zixin immediately called the company’s people to ask about Zuo Qiuting. The person in charge said: “Endorsement? It is this. We have drawn Zuo Qiuting as the spokesperson of HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone, but have not yet negotiated.“ “Ding Yiran’s endorsement fee is only 10 million, Zuo Qiuting has to quote 12 million, so it is still under negotiation.” Lu Zixin directly pointed out: “They are both