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BSI Chapter 129 : Rescue

Edited: XiaXue There is 2 bonus chapter for today cause i just finish editing this novel and starting tomorrow I will update 1 or 2 chapter/day until all updated 😀 “Rage and arrogant, Nejibana: Susanō” The figure that rushed out is the current 9th Division Captain, Shiba Kaien. Accompanied by his cry, Zanpakuto in his hand became a trident, and his clothes changed into blue robes, and within a few

BTC Chapter 119 : Forgot to take a photo

Edited: XiaXue “She? Executive Vice President of Red Letter?” Tao Fang just suspected that she had misunderstood. Jiang’s Fan Principal surprisedly said: “Mrs. Tao, your own student, are you not sure?” “I…” Tao Fang couldn’t say anything, she was really unclear, or would she just do that? If she knows an hour in advance, she will definitely treat Su Zhirong with a 10,000% enthusiasm. If you say that you can

BSI Chapter 127 : Cat and Bee

Edited: XiaXue Sorry this chapter got to trash bin… On Sōkyoku Hill, there are many Captain and Vice-Captain. Captain has Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni, Kyouraku Shunsui, Unohana Retsu, Shiba Kaien, and Kuchiki Byakuya. Vice-Captain is Kotetsu Isane, Ōmaeda Marechiyo, and Shiba Miyako. After Shiba Kaien left 13th Division, Shiba Miyako replaced his responsibility and became Vice-Captain. In addition, there are three seats of 13th Division, Kotsubaki Sentarō and Kotetsu Kiyone, both

BSI Chapter 128 : Shunkō: Raijin Senkei

Edited: XiaXue Soi Fon shakes Yoruichi fist, looks at Yoruichi, and frowns and asks: “How come you are able to use Shunko?” “Of course I will.” Yoruichi said with a smile: “If you have it, the back and shoulders of the criminal suit are exposed, just to use Shunko” “I see.” Soi Fon eyes glanced, coldly said: “How about that, even the same Shunko, you can’t beat me.” Soi Fon

BTC Chapter 118 : There’s another one that’s not introduced

Edited: XiaXue Duan Chi sorted out his clothes and went into VIP lounge behind Tian Xiangshan. When everyone settles, they begin to know each other. “General Tian, ​​hello, my name is Duan Chi, your schoolmate.” Duan Chi stood up and greeted, and respectfully reached out. Next to him, Pang Xing said: “This schoolmate is not simple. The company he created was just over a year, and the market value is