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Chapter 16 : Kidō

Edited: XiaXue 2/5 of week   Soon, it was the date of the new semester, and Xia Yan was separated from Renji for the first time and went to fourth grade class.   When he appeared in the classroom, the other students in the class were very surprised. Xia Yan appearance was only eleven years old. It looked like a little devil, but it was a fourth-grade student who skip up.   Xia

Chapter 15 : Oath

Edited: XiaXue 1/5 of the week   In the candy shop, Xia Yan stepped on the bench, standing in front of the counter of the grocery store, the pink haired girl in front of the look at, asked: “Lieutenant Yachiru, what are you buy this time?”   Xia Yan has been in the candy shop for a month, and the most popular customer of candy shop is Kusajishi Yachiru. She often come

Chapter 14 : Skip

Edited: XiaXue   Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, Xia Yan spent 11 months at the Spiritual Arts Academy.   From spring of March, the end of January of the coming year, one semester is just over.   The weather at the end of January has warmed, but it is still cold outside.   Xia Yan stayed in the bedroom, dragging his chin to look out the window, and his look

Chapter 13 : Zaraki Kenpachi

Edited: XiaXue   Seeing the man in front of him, Xia Yan mind came up with a name: Zaraki Kenpachi.   11th Division Captain, after the seal was unveiled, was the strongest Kenpachi in the history, and it is one of top five special combat powers.   He exudes a formidable breath, and his two-meter body covers their vision, leaving only a shadow in front of him.   He just stood there, as if

Chapter 12 : Izakaya (Taverns)

Edited: XiaXue   For next period of time, Xia Yan was taken care of by Renji, Rukia, Kira Iziru and Hinamori Momo. Four people take careful care of injury and he didn’t feel anything different.   Seven days later, Xia Yan found Isane Kotetsu, who was in the medical training class. After the examination by Isane Kotetsu, after Isane Kotetsu removed the bandage for Xia Yan and told Xia Yan that he could