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Chapter 6 : Leaving

Edited: XiaXue   Soul Society winter is not much different from Human World. It only took three months. By the end of February of the second year, the weather began to warm up and entered the spring.   After the winter, Reiatsu of Renji, Rukia and Xia Yan decreased a lot. Although Xia Yan had hard work in the summer and autumn and fall, it was only a little better than when

Chapter 5 : Winter

Edited: XiaXue   Winter is a disaster for the residents of Rukongai.   The cold temperature makes the speed of Reishi’s loss in the soul speed up. The lower pressure of the spiritual pressure alone can’t make up for the consumption of Reishi. You must eat the food made by Reishi.   The food in Rukongai is lacking. The price of food in the winter is increasing. They have no extra money to

Chapter 4 : Practice

Edited: XiaXue   Xia Yan spent a day in the train Zanjutsu grip and starting style. After mastering, Renji began teaching him Zanjutsu on the second day.   Zanjutsu has a lot of footwork, there are six basic steps, which are folding, stepping, sending, stepping, kicking and footing.   The ‘Folding’ is the most used footstep movement style in the Zanjutsu. It is similar to the sliding step. The foot does not lift

Chapter 3 : Zanjutsu

Edited: XiaXue   Xia Yan, Rukia and Renji live together, although they are in another World and are one of the most chaotic areas.   But Xia Yan feels warmth and hope, which is the result of everyone watching and helping.   Among these people, Renji is a big brother. Although his appearance is bad, he is a very enthusiastic person and takes care of Xia Yan.   Rukia also took responsibility for taking

Chapter 2 :  Reiatsu

Edited: XiaXue Note: Shin’ō Academy >>> Spiritual Arts Academy   Xia Yan did not think that she had come to Bleach World and met Rukia and Renji.   He is no stranger to “Bleach”, which is one of his favorite anime and manga he expects every week for a long time.   Although the ending are not perfect, but Xia Yan likes every character inside, and is no stranger to Rukia and Renji.   Rukia is