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Chapter 11 : Treatment

Edited: XiaXue Xia Yan lay on the ground and bitterly endured the pain. Zanjutsu teacher Tsuruhisa Hiroshi looked at Hinamori Momo and frowned and said: “Hinamori, isn’t i tell you that you can’t use Reishi?”   Hinamori Momo had tears in his eyes, adn said “I just wanted to win at that time, and I used Reishi unconsciously.”   Tsuruhisa Hiroshi was angry, but he was not talking about anything. He just

Chapter 10 : Hinamori Momo

Edited: XiaXue   In a blink of an eye, a month passed and Xia Yan adapted to the life in Spiritual Arts Academy and settled down at the Spiritual Arts Academy.   At this time, Xia Yan is holding Shinai and working with other students in second class to make a vibration in training room.   In the past month, with the use of spiritual food, Xia Yan felt that the Reiatsu was

Chapter 9 : Starting school

Edited: XiaXue   In a blink of an eye, it’s the day of school, all Freshman gathered in the auditorium on the first floor of the school building.   Xia Yan is wearing a blue male school uniform, standing in the queue of the second class of the first grade, staring at the teacher in the stands.   Today is the opening ceremony, the students of the whole school are gathered here, in

Chapter 8 : Shin’ō Academy (Spiritual Arts Academy)

Edited: XiaXue   Xia Yan and the others waited for a while, gathered seven or eight people, and then a teacher came to them and said with a smile: “My name is Sato Hideki, a teacher of the Spiritual Arts Academy. Let me take you there.”   After saying this, Sato Hideki took them to the South Gate of Seireitei.   The courtyard wall of Seireitei is towering and magnificent. Most of the

Chapter 7 : Assessment

Edited: XiaXue   Renji sat cross-legged on the floor, looks at Kira Iziru and said, “Yes, we are going to the Spiritual Arts Academy to take the test, are you?”   ”Well, I have to go to the Spiritual Arts Academy.”   After Kira Iziru finished, he asked: “Which area are you from?”   ”78th district, Inuzuri.”   The sound of Renji has slowed down a lot. The 78th district is a poor and chaotic