BTC Chapter 366 : Reversal

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“You still want to find someone? Do you think this is a joke?” A policeman shouted while move forward, “Give me the phone!”

“Are you sure? I just got through the phone number of Secretary Chen, do you want to pick it up?” Lu Zixin looked at him with a sly play.

This police officer is stunned, Secretary Chen? Which Secretary? Is it a big man? His instinct tells him that this kind of thing can’t be made in the first place.

Captain Liu also asked: “You don’t think about what relationship to look for. We have always been law enforcement. Which secretary do you call?”

Luo Jinchui yelled: “Captain Liu, what do you talk to him, take him and take it away!”

The few gangsters also shouted: “Yes, police comrades, catch him!”

“Don’t be noisy!” Captain Liu had some doubts in his heart, and did not rush to order. Look at the other side’s well-thought-out look, do you really know secretary?

The phone call Lu Zixin is of course the phone number of the county secretary of He County. When he was in He County a few years ago, he also had tea with Secretary Chen and mayor of the city.

At this moment, Secretary Chen of He County is talking with several leaders in the county to summarize recent work issues.

“Director Shan, you must maintain this law and order. Especially near the middle school, the Education Bureau has responded. In recent months, there have been several vicious fights in the vicinity of our county. The participants also have students from the school. The impact is very bad!” Secretary Chen said to Director Shan of County Public Security Bureau.

“Yes, we also attach great importance to this issue. We are prepared to focus on the vicinity of the school, to look at the social youth, to prevent them from making troubles and endangering students…” Director Shan nodded.

Just saying, Secretary Chen phone suddenly rang, Secretary Chen look actually is Lu Zixin’s phone.

“Wait a minute, I will pick up the phone.” Secretary Chen answered the phone, and asked with a good tone: “Is President Lu? How can you call me?”

“Back to He County? Well, if you have time, you can talk… What? There is this kind of thing!”

“There is no reason, you can rest assured that we will handle this matter and give you a satisfactory answer!”

Secretary Chen the tone and face suddenly changed, Director Shan saw this, the heart was in doubt, Secretary Chen had always been calm, now dysfunctional, what is happening?

Secretary Chen to hang up the phone, looked ugly and looked at Director Shan, so that Secretary Shan was a little bit cold, he rarely saw Secretary Chen like this.

“Xiao Shan, what did I say to you just now? Now, our famous entrepreneurs in He County have been threatened by personal safety, and your comrades are also very unmanageable…”

On the other side, Lu Zixin hung up the phone.

“Brat, what about the people?” Luo Jinchui shouted. “It’s useless to find someone, you have to lose money, you have to squat!”

“I am a policeman or are you a policeman?” Captain Liu yelled at Luo Jinchui his face and shouted. “I just give him a general knowledge of law.”

Captain Liu continued to ask Lu Zixin and said, “No matter who you call, we have to bring you back to the bureau…”

His voice did not fall, and the phone rang. Captain Liu took out his cell phone and saw it. It was actually Secretary Shan phone.

He quickly called the phone: “Director.”

“What are you doing now?” The tone of Director Shan was interrogated, which made Captain Liu feel a little faint.

“I am out of the station, there is a fight.” He replied truthfully.

“Is it in the alley next to county No. 1 Middle School?”

“Yeah, we will bring people back immediately, nothing!” Captain Liu replied.

“Nothing else! Secretary Chen to give me a meal! Liu Jing, look at the good things you did! You listen to me! You stay there and don’t move, I will come soon! In addition, ten million don’t offend President Lu, or you can’t eat it!” Director Shan hangs after he finishes talking. He has to call other subordinates and hurry to Black Dog Lane.

“What?” Liu Jing hung up the phone, and this was reflected.

Director Shan personally called him, and his face was a slap. The reason, he naturally heard it, is the result of this brat call!

Listening to Director words, it seems that the Secretary he called is County Secretary Chen! This brat a phone call, let Secretary Chen to give the director a meal, then the director again gave himself a meal, but also come in person!

What is his identity? Liu Jing thought of this, could not help but come up with a cold sweat, he seems to offend what is not a character!

If it is normal, it will be considered, but how can he not know what Luo Jinchui? When the Director rushed over, how could I explain it at that time? If you can’t get your own uniform, you have to give it up!

“Captain Liu, press him back?” asked the policeman next to him.

“No!” Liu Jing quickly stopped him and said to Lu Zixin: “This gentleman, we have to study it carefully. What evidence and clues can you provide?”

Lu Zixin looked at him, and he already knew it, but he didn’t want to give Liu Jing an opportunity. He said, “Wait a minute, wait until someone comes.”

Liu Jing is in a hurry. This person is really angry. If Director is here, he will say something that is not good for him. That is a big deal!

He hurriedly told several policemen: “You will search again to see if he has illegally operated, and some of the fights are controlled…”

“Hey, Captain Liu, what are you doing?” Luo Jinchui quickly stopped him and asked: “Isn’t it arresting him? How come me?”

“Let’s get out!” Liu Jing iron-faced selflessness, coldly said: “You a few honest points, the consequences of obstructing law enforcement are very serious!”

“Is obstructing law enforcement?” Luo Jinchui is not a fool. Hearing Liu Jing’s tone, seeing his face, and then contacting the phone just called, I know that this time is not so simple!

He quickly explained: “Captain Liu, I am really clean here, it is an ordinary house, nothing.”

“Go into the search!” Liu Jing ignored him. He now has a thought and quickly make up for the measures, so as not to accumulate a crime that is unfavourable and suspected of harboring the crime!

“Good brat, a little bit tolerant!” Luo Jinchui saw, fiercely glanced at Lu Zixin.

Luo Jinchui thought, Liu Jing just to cope, he can not afford to lose a few machines, no major event. But this brat pit him, this field must be found back.

“Boss, what’s wrong with this?” Flathead Youth also asked with a puzzled face. Didn’t he still want to catch Lu Zixin? Why are you searching them again?

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