BTC Chapter 76 : Yes, yes!

Edited: XiaXue Lu Zixin Daily water group, deal with the official business, and then played two games, it is time off work. Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong were eating in a restaurant near the office building. He ordered three people portion for himself. Su Zhirong was amazed: “You eat so much!” As the physical quality improves, the nutrients required by the cells naturally increase, which makes Lu Zixin a big

BTC Chapter 75 : Super ability for moving bricks

Edited: XiaXue Lu Zixin does not need to worry about computer housekeeper project every day, even if there are some problems, the staff can solve it, he can relax for a while. In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin is explaining his physical condition to Red Queen. Mr. L : “H1 serum has been injected for 16 days. The obvious feeling is that strength, reaction

BTC Chapter 74 : Unstoppable

Edited: XiaXue Link and ToC is updated Zuo Yu immediately convened company meeting with the core team to discuss and study, but there is no immediate and effective way. Now what they can do is to crack the Red Cloud’s Cloud host function as much as possible, and find their vulnerability or deficiency, and use it to maintain the status of 330. When the Incognito 330 Network Science and Technology

BTC Chapter 73 : Shock

Edited: XiaXue Good products will be word-of-mouth and users will promote themselves spontaneously. The Cloud host function alone is enough for computer users to download and use Red Letter’s computer housekeeper. Unlike the online game accelerator, this time, you can use it even if you don’t play the game. Targeting the vast audience, Cloud host is destined to be a storm in the online world. Most of user first to

BTC Chapter 72 : Launches of Cloud host

Edited: XiaXue After completing an week of work in an hour, Lu Zixin just felt a little tired in the brain. After a few minutes of rest, he went to various departments in the company to check the company’s operations. The game department is still stable and the performance is growing. The life of the Eating Chicken game is at least three or five years, so within three or five