BTC Chapter 152 : Old Bear Becomes Old Dog

Edited: XiaXue “Qi Jian, what do you have to say now?” Tang Gang asked. Qi Jian took a deep breath, trying to calm himself and said: “I seriously doubt the authenticity of the evidence and need to be professionally certified to confirm.” “It’s still hard, but don’t worry, let’s ask the netizen who broke the news, the old bear!” Tang Gang is not in a hurry. These people’s, red letters

BTC Chapter 151 : Professional ethics, do you have it?

Edited: XiaXue In the video, it was exactly Cao Zhida and Qi Jian after they left Red Letter. And the shooting is very clear, the sound is clear and audible, making people feel like a professional cameraman. On the screen, Qi Jian said with a smile : “This time you can report the latest progress, I will give you the title.” “Red Letter Company refused to admit that the battery

BTC Chapter 150 : Justice Incarnation

Edited: XiaXue Qi Jian immediately screamed: “You are too irresponsible in this statement. On behalf of my client and consumers, I strongly condemn you. If you continue to discredit us, my lawsuit against Red Letter must be Will add this one!” When the reporters saw him speaking, he immediately handed the microphone over and asked one by one. Qi Jian also answered the righteous words, as if he was already

BTC Chapter 149 : Behind the scenes!

Edited: XiaXue There is really some information in Qi Jian laptop. As a lawyer, he is used to keeping a copy of all activities as evidence in order to meet his needs. However, the information on the computer is limited, mostly in the cases he has accepted before. Only one point related to red letter time was transmitted by Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin waited patiently and finally waited for Qi

BTC Chapter 148 : Riding a donkey to see singer

Edited: XiaXue “It is the investigation trouble.” Tang Gang frowned. “That ‘Old bear’ we can contact now, but what problems are lawyers helping him answer.” “As for the cause of the explosion mobile phone battery, it is even more ambiguous, and it is impossible to check it up. According to him, it is an explosion when charging. The cell phone and the mobile phone battery are all fragmented, and the