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BSI Chapter 86 : Hollowfication

Edited: XiaXue Bonus chapter ps: casue site down and i just buy new keyboard 😀 Xia Yan felt a crazy will to swallow himself, a little bit of corrosion of his own thinking, the whole person is dominated by the will hollow. This is Hollowfication, Xia Yan is holding his teeth. Can’t be Hollowfication. If you Hollowfication yourself, you will lose your mind and you will not be able to

BTC Chapter 73 : Shock

Edited: XiaXue Good products will be word-of-mouth and users will promote themselves spontaneously. The Cloud host function alone is enough for computer users to download and use Red Letter’s computer housekeeper. Unlike the online game accelerator, this time, you can use it even if you don’t play the game. Targeting the vast audience, Cloud host is destined to be a storm in the online world. Most of user first to

BSI Chapter 85 : Aizen

Edited: XiaXue Aizen is going to shoot. Xia Yan clenched the short gun in his hand, staring at Aizen with a gaze, and Aizen Strength was too strong. It’s enough to make it difficult for him to chant high level Kido. Shunpo is even more top-notch. His Strength, not limited to Zanpakuto Ability, is inherently superior to Arrancar and Shinigami Ability. 80 years ago, he had reached Shinigami peak and

BTC Chapter 72 : Launches of Cloud host

Edited: XiaXue After completing an week of work in an hour, Lu Zixin just felt a little tired in the brain. After a few minutes of rest, he went to various departments in the company to check the company’s operations. The game department is still stable and the performance is growing. The life of the Eating Chicken game is at least three or five years, so within three or five

BSI Chapter 84 : Tosen Kaname Wants

Edited: XiaXue I can’t see it, everything in front of me is only dark. Can’t hear, the surrounding sounds are all isolated. Reiatsu Consciousness loss, Xia Yan can not feel the opposite, Tōsen Kaname Reiatsu. Loss of smell, Xia Yan can not smell any smell. This is the ambiguity of Suzumushi, depriving the visual, auditory, Reiatsu and sense of smell. However, there is still a sense of touch. Xia Yan