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BSI Chapter 57 : Arrangement

Edited: XiaXue On the mountain, there are two shuttle-type Metal projectiles in front of Xia Yan, weighing about four kilometers. Xia Yan stretched out his left hand at this time, and the projectile was suspended in front of Xia Yan palm, and with the huge energy released by Xia Yan arm, the projectile was spinning in the air. Whoosh- When the speed reaches the limit, the magnetic field controlled by

BTC Chapter 45 : Internal Test

Edited: XiaXue “General Lu, I will sum up, there are three things in total!” Liang Song said. “First, lack of money. If you want to make a good online game accelerator, you must have perfect hardware equipment. This is a lot of money. Then you have to invest the broadband cost, it is a big money.” “Second, the computer room. Currently Red Letter only has the game room running, online

BSI Chapter 56 : Get along

Edited: XiaXue 3 of 3 in this week Xia Yan accompanied Soi Fon for an afternoon, and he was repeatedly knocked down to the ground, making the whole body swollen and bruised. Of course, in the process of spar with Soi Fon, Xia Yan actual combat experience and fighting skills are also increasing. More importantly, Xia Yan enjoys the opportunity to train with Soi Fon, and often has body contact,

BTC Chapter 44 : Accelerator Project

Edited: XiaXue Red Queen : “[grievance Emoticon: poor eating line]” Mr. L : “Eat the data line? [Emoticon: black face question mark]” Lu Zixin quickly stopped to prevent the fight continue : “Okay, no trouble. This matter is actually not so important. If you convenient, you can help. If inconvenient don’t help.” He has troubled group members. As a group owner, Lu Zixin feels a little embarrassed. But there is

BSI Chapter 55 : Sparring

Edited: XiaXue Xia Yan and Soi Fon special training did not end because Xia Yan can Shikai, but added one day, every Monday, Wednesday, and friday three days, they will take half a day to train. One purpose of the training is to help Xia Yan improve the combat Ability. The second purpose is that Soi Fon needs a qualified opponent to spar. Her Shunpo is the fastest in seireietei,