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BTC Chapter 22 : The beginning of positive

Edited: XiaXue 3/3 final for this week Liu Tong said: “Since Tencent has removed our game, the game traffic has dropped by a third!” Zhu An habitually lifted his glasses and worked continuously for more than a month, He became thinner. The temperament also calmed down a few points. Seriously, there are really a few small leaders. He said: “This is only one aspect. We have already talked about several

BTC Chapter 21 : Group Owner Red envelope

Edited: XiaXue 2/2 How to get the trust of Tony Stark? Lu Zixin fell into meditation. On the other hand, Tony Stark has begun to try to trace the network address of Black Technology Chat Group. In the underground lab of a sea view villa, Tony Stark is sitting in front of computer and operating quickly. “There is no abnormality in the firewall? I haven’t detected any other electronic signals nearby.

BTC Chapter 20 : New Group Members

Edited: XiaXue 1/3 this is the beginning The people ofTencent game left with dissatisfaction, and their cooperation with the Red Letter game naturally broke down. Liu Tong was a bit happy with Lu Zixin decision and was somewhat worried. Fortunately, Lu Zixin actually resisted the temptation of money. The worry is that Tencent game will really start to suppress them? “General Lu, there are still some channels to contact us,

BTC Chapter 19 : Tough Giant Company

Edited: XiaXue I wanna sent my prayer and condoles for my brothers & sister in New Zealand for incident this afternoon… In the office, Liu Tong explained things to Lu Zixin. “Tencent games are all looking up?” Lu Zixin was a little surprised, the other side is giant in the industry. Although they had contacted before and said that they wanted to start cooperation, I did not expect it to

BTC Chapter 18 : Tencent Trick

Edited: XiaXue 3/3 sorry late chapter,  just got home from work XD “In just two weeks, the popularity from bottom line to the top of summit. “Desolate Battlegrounds” only took two weeks, more than we quietly make, publicize, operate hundreds of millions of mobile game products. You said, why?” In the conference room, a high-level question asked. “Manager Wang, talk about your opinion.” A middle-aged man nodded and said: “I