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BSI Chapter 67 : Fireworks

Edited: XiaXue In addition to Takoyaki, summer festivals include Ikayaki, Watame and candy. Most of the food here is Human World, and it is basically made by Shinigami, who is going to Human World. These foods have their own characteristics, Xia Yan and Soi Fon bought a lot and ate while walking. In addition to food, there are some interesting activities, such as fishing goldfish, such as ferrules, such as

BTC Chapter 55 : Lu… General!?

Edited: XiaXue & Feja “Everything has its own advantages.” Su Zhirong responded cleverly. However, Qu Siyuan is already aroused, and he is already very good among his peers. Returnees are high-profile students, corporate executives, with an annual salary of one million. Isn’t it more than enough for a mere graduate student? Qu Siyuan asked: “Little Su, does your friend have a job?” Su Zhirong nodded and he continued to ask:

BSI Chapter 66 : Summer festival

Edited: XiaXue I just got better from my fever, so i will slowly continue untul my body got really better 😀 The summer night is darker late, the sky is still bright when it first comes out, and there are many people on the road. This is the first summer festival in Seireitei, and it is also a few festivals in Seireitei. Therefore, just holding it, it attracts a large

BTC Chapter 54 : He will arrive soon

Edited: XiaXue & Feja “Really, do you know why the supervisor will only look at her?” Zhang Juan complained, “I am no worse than her!” She said, adjusting her bust and trying to squeeze it so it looked bigger. When she said this, Zhou Mei couldn’t help but despise her: “As for you, what else would you do besides selling your chest? You’re not as good as me, at least

BSI Chapter 65 : Change

Edited: XiaXue we just have a editor for BTC, thanks for ImFeja for your help, he will beginn with the next chapter and he say he will edit previous chapter too, so thank you The following period, Xia Yan began to be responsible for the contract transaction with Kūkaku, and to help Kūkaku to set up the factory. The newly opened factory is made in a streamlined style and is