BTC Chapter 150 : Justice Incarnation

Edited: XiaXue Qi Jian immediately screamed: “You are too irresponsible in this statement. On behalf of my client and consumers, I strongly condemn you. If you continue to discredit us, my lawsuit against Red Letter must be Will add this one!” When the reporters saw him speaking, he immediately handed the microphone over and asked one by one. Qi Jian also answered the righteous words, as if he was already

BSI Chapter 217 : Arrangement

Edited: XiaXue “Quiet.” Seeing everyone arguing, Yamamoto Genryuusai slammed the ground with a cane, and the others immediately became quiet. “I know that you can’t digest things for the time being, but I will give you an explanation after coming to Japan.” Xia Yan said with a smile: “But next, I have to arrange the work on Seireitei.” “The first is Zero Division. Since everyone in Zero Division moved to