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  Xia Yan, Rukia and Renji live together, although they are in another World and are one of the most chaotic areas.

  But Xia Yan feels warmth and hope, which is the result of everyone watching and helping.

  Among these people, Renji is a big brother. Although his appearance is bad, he is a very enthusiastic person and takes care of Xia Yan.

  Rukia also took responsibility for taking care of Xia Yan. When she went to sleep at night, Xia Yan had not slept. In the middle of the night, Rukia would cover him with a quilt.

  Xia Yan felt the feeling of home, the disturbance in his heart disappeared without a trace, and closed eyes closed into a dream.

  On the second day, Renji first taught Xia Yan to absorb Reishi, which was to gather Reishi into the belly and let Reishi automatically replenish the body.

  The method is very simple, Xia Yan quickly grasped, he gathered around the Reishi, swallowed into the abdomen, he felt a body condensed a point.

  Then, Renji shouted that Xia Yan walked out of the house and went to the open space outside the house. He said to Xia Yan: “I am now teaching you how to exercise Reishi.”

  Saying, Renji picked up a wooden stick and handed it to Xia Yan. He said, “Hold it.”

  Xia Yan took over the wooden stick, but the sights at Renji, I don’t know what the stick is.

  Renji waved his wooden sword and said: “We are not a nobleman. There is no auxiliary item to help Reishi, nor is it a technician. I don’t know the method used by spirit. So Shinigami, who passed down here, told us an easy way to use Zanjutsu (Way of Sword). ”


  Xia Yan doubts the look at Renji.


  Renji nodded and explained: “The so-called Reiatsu is the density of Reishi in soul. We want to increase Reiatsu, which is to increase the density of Reishi. And to increase density, we need to let Reishi continue to gather and compress. But the simple absorption of Reishi has no effect, but it can give the body a load through the movement, and damage the Reishi with the body, but the absorption of Reishi can be added, and Reishi is more tough. Therefore, as long as you exercise and absorb Reishi, you can let soul continue to concise and increase the Reiatsu. ”

  Xia Yan heard this, nodded, this method Xia Yan is no stranger, just like the physical exercise in Human World, continuous exercise to the body load, destroy muscle fibers, but add protein, and will constitute new muscles, in the process As the medium capacity increases, Strength will be greatly enhanced.

  Renji added: “Most of the training can raise the Reiatsu, but the effect is weak and requires high-intensity exercise. The Zanjutsu requires the entire body to move together, and requires the unification of Spirit and body to both exercise the body and increase the responsiveness. ”

  At this time, Rukia, who is waving wooden sword, also said: “The Shinigami taught us a little trick. When I practiced, I covered Reishi on sword, but I didn’t let Reishi leave the blade. This requires a very high Reishi. Control. When your control is increased to a certain level, Reishi is released and you can do this. ”

  Rukia said here, slamming a wooden sword, a strong wind spurted out, leaving a shallow trace on the ground.

  Seeing this scene, Xia Yan thought of Kurosaki ichigo, and the release of Getsuga Tensho was that Reiatsu was absorbed by the sword and released through the tip of the sword.

  However, his Slash is the Ambition of Zanpakutō, which was released after compression by Zanpakutō.

  What Rukia did was to release the Reishi attached to the long sword, which was less powerful.

  But Xia Yan has been coveted. Look at Renji and Rukia said: “Renji please teach me to.”

  Renji said with a smile: “Well, I will teach you Zanjutsu.”

  Renji shook the hand, shaking wooden sword and said: “Zanjutsu first is to learns a grip,  That is the way to hold sword. You need a both hands to hold the sword. You are right-handed. Use your left hand’s little finger and the middle finger of the ring finger to hold the word hilt. Don’t let the sword hilt appear. Like this.”

  Renji gave a demonstration and held the lower part of the sword hilt with his left hand.

  Xia Yan used a wooden stick as the long sword. After holding it, Renji said: “The lower part of the palm should be below the sword hilt, so that the long sword can be pressed down.”

  After Xia Yan did it, Renji added: “At this time, use your right hand again, hold the position under the sword and gently pinch it. This sword is actually the part of the sword hilt bulge. Although wooden sword don’t have, it is almost at this position. Don’t overtake it, don’t catch it too. ”

  In simple terms, it is the hand that holds the front of the handle. The three fingers of the middle finger of the non-dominant hand are pinching the second half of the sword hilt. At the same time, the palm of the non-dominant hand is used to hold the handle, so that the long knife is natural. Lifted slightly and pointed to the front.

  Xia Yan tried a few times and did the action. Renji added: “The next step is to teach you to start, relax your shoulders, raise your chest, keep your feet apart and shoulder width, and put your hands on your lower abdomen. One foot away, the arms are slightly curved, but not too much.”

  Xia Yan tried to do it, Renji helped him adjust his figure, and after doing it, he said: “You will maintain this posture train today, keep it as long as possible, and I will teach you the Way of Sword tomorrow. Law and footwork.”

  Xia Yan nodded, grabbed the stick, stood there and kept the Zanjutsu motionless.

  But in just three minutes, Xia Yan felt a sense of fatigue, his arms sour, and could not help but put down the stick.

  Seeing this scene, Rukia immediately said: “Keep it up, don’t feel tired and let go, don’t worry about injury. You are made up of Reishi. Reishi can be healed after being damaged.”

  When Xia Yan heard this, he remembered that his body was not a physical body but a Reishi. he did not have to worry about causing a permanent damage.

  Xia Yan lifted the stick again. This time, when he was tired, he did not let go, but he supported it hard.

  After another two minutes, Xia Yan arms were shaking and the feeling of numbness came.

  But Xia Yan did not relax, has been insisting, five minutes, seven minutes, eight minutes, until ten minutes, Xia Yan’s arm trembled, the wooden stick in his hand fell to the ground.

  Xia Yan feels that the arm is a little stiff and painful, and the body feels a little tired. He wants to take a break. At this time, Rukia said: “Now absorbs Reishi to recover the damage.”

  Xia Yan quickly, as Rukia said, absorbs Reishi, which is free in the air, to make up for its own losses.

  When Reishi entered the body a little bit, he began to repair the damaged Reishi, and the Reishi was compressed and the density of Reishi increased a little.

  Although the effect is weak, if you continue, Reishi’s density will be greatly increased, thus having a larger Reiatsu.

  Xia Yan saw the possibility of raising the Reiatsu, and he was reluctant to give up. He not only wanted to become a Shinigami, but also to become a formidable Shinigami.

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  1. “Please also ask Renji to teach me.” maybe you mean ask “Renji please teach me to.” ?

    Rukia said: “Reishi now absorbs the damage” if you read it, it feel so weird 😀 maybe Rukia mean, Now absorb Reishi to recover/repair the damage?

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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