BTC Chapter 170 : Crushed

Edited: XiaXue The launch of HX2 MOUDLE mobile phones has once again boosted the sales of Red Letter mobile phones. More personalized gameplay and modular combination, so that people who pursue fashion personality can’t put it down. However, the sales volume is still better than the standard smartphone integrated with HX2. After all, more users, just thinking is simple and convenient, too lazy to use their brains to assemble mobile

BTC Chapter 169 : Playing smart

Edited: XiaXue The functions of Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant are not limited to this, and many methods have been developed by users. For example, some online shopping enthusiasts have downloaded a lot of shopping apps, which allows Red Cloud Computing to buy the most low cost money on which platform. Some people downloaded the teaching app and used the intelligent voice of Red Cloud to practice foreign language communication.

BTC Chapter 168 : You want to learn?

Edited: XiaXue Red Letter chose to fight back, which made Apple’s executives even more angry. “This Red Letter company not only does not apologize, but also condemns us?” Morris coldly snorted and said, “They are also preparing to lower the price of HX2, but also to release a new machine to compete with us, it is ridiculous!” “Since we released the announcement, a large proportion of HX2 users have encountered

BTC Chapter 167 : Apple’s Sanctions?

Edited: XiaXue Apple’s efficiency is very fast, and it took three days from the proposal to the implementation. Soon, the domestic smartphone industry shock, because Apple officially announced a notice to denounce Red Letter. “About Red Letter’s Red Letter Mobile System ‘Red Tie’ feature is suspected of infringement of our company’s IOS System related rights statement.” “After investigation and monitoring, Red Letter Mobile System has provided IOS software conversion function

BTC Chapter 166 : The real reason

Edited: XiaXue Lu Zixin’s goal in Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. has been completed. With his smart template designed, the project team can continuously improve the “intelligence” of Red Cloud and let it do more. And this intelligent voice assistant will also be applied to the next Red Letter smartphone. …… Lu Zixin returned to Pengcheng and took all the research and dealt with some matters. “Last month, sales