BTC Chapter 98 : Free Advertising

Edited: XiaXue The press conference is not over yet, and Internet has already started. The first is the live broadcast of the conference, which then spreads to Weibo and other online media channels. Douyu live broadcast home cover recommendation: “Directly hit Rice mobile phone conference, Tian Xiangshan and Red Letter agreed to one billion gambling!” The title of “One Billion Gambling?” is too attractive. Many netizens who browsed live broadcast

BTC Chapter 97 : Gambling

Edited: XiaXue “Hello, Mr. Tian.” Lu Zixin voice rang in the field, loud and sharp, and sounded very young. “Hello.” Tian Xiangshan said, “General Lu, I just talked with Mr. Tang, you know it?” Lu Zixin said: “Know, I am watching the live broadcast.” “So General Lu, what do you think?” Tian Xiangshan asked. Everyone raised their ears and waited to hear Lu Zixin’s answer. “Rice’s gambling, we Red Letter

BTC Chapter 96 : Tearing Face

Edited: XiaXue Bonus~ On the big screen, it is the photos and parameters of the Rice Mobile S2 chip, and the performance is improved compared to S1 series. Tian Xiangshan explained with enthusiasm the function, as if this is a note, Rice’s technology has surpassed the manufacturers of Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm and so on. The following reporter’s are naturally laughing and not speaking, the press conference is not the

BTC Chapter 95 : Conference

Edited: XiaXue Chip samples also need to be improved, and various hardware software and the like also need to be adapted. It is also hoped that WangTang Science and Technology will have a complete industrial chain before, and it will be much easier to improve on the original basis. These things, Lu Zixin are handed over to a professional team, including Tang Gang, CEO of the original Wang Tang Science

BTC Chapter 94 : Bat equipment

Edited: XiaXue Group Tip : “Red Queen received Bruce Wayne’s luck Red envelope and won 100T Children’s Educational Animation Resource.” Red Queen : “[emoticon: a face is more than.]” Bruce Wayne : “When you are bored, you can see that, artificial intelligence should also be able to learn.” Lu Zixin saw this news and was happy. Originally in the eyes of Batman, Red Queen’s intelligence is only equivalent to a