MST Chapter 147 : A woman in love can not be treated with common sense

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Liu Chiyan’s firm expression and stern tone made Jiang Xin stunned.

“What good is he? You are willing to marry him. What do you like about him?” Jiang Xin asked.

Speaking of this, Jiang Xin not very like Ye Guang, although Ye Guang have some talent, but don’t forget, he has a nickname scourge Ye in studio, usually often fooling around, this time because all day busy recording program still better, originally often studio staff have complain, Jiang Xin also made a small report to Liu Chiyan.

Jiang Xin asked this question and let Liu Chiyan bow her head and think about it. “I don’t know where he is. He is somewhat self-willed, somewhat uncoordinated, somewhat childish, and occasionally guilty.” Ye Guang’s advantage, Liu Chiyan didn’t say it. The shortcomings were a lot of detail.

Jiang Xin: “Then you still like him.”

Liu Chiyan smiled: “Maybe because he likes me.”

Jiang Xin is speechless. “There are many people who like you. Whether it’s your huge fan base, or the celebrity people who have made a name for themselves, or those who are so vast, how many years have they liked you? I haven’t seen you who gave anyone a chance.”

Liu Chiyan: “There are a lot of people who like me, but… I only like him.”

Jiang Xin is helpless. This said is to be similar to nothing. She is not good enough to ask more questions on this issue. She is close to Liu Chiyan, but she still needs some measure. Jiang Xin is a reasonable person, otherwise she can’t follow Liu Chiyan’s and have Liu Chiyan trust for so many years.

When the words were opened, Jiang Xin simply asked some of the doubts in my heart. “When did you get married?”

Liu Chiyan didn’t lie. “On April 1st, April Fool’s Day, I sent Weibo that day, I said that I am getting married, no one believes.”

Jiang Xin: “You… You can be brave, just in case… forget it, April 1st, is it time for us to come to Nanchang to go to Jiangxi TV station to talk about cooperation? I didn’t talk about it later. I remember that it was your first time came to Nanchang. Did you know him that day?”

Liu Chiyan: “I don’t know, I saw him at the TV station. He chased me out… after two days… that’s how we got married.” Liu Chiyan briefly talked about her marriage to Ye Guang.

Jiang Xin is speechless, “Three days…. Two sides… God, Yan’er, what do you think… I… I don’t know how to say it.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “Sister Jiang, you don’t need to say anything. I believe this is God’s arrangement. I also believe that my choice will not be wrong. During this time with him, I’m very happy.”

Jiang Xin sighed and nodded. “You Just be happy, although I can’t see Ye Guang. He has something worthy of marrying him, but I also hope that your choice is right.” Jiang Xin paused. “I was a bit strange. Why do you have to move Studio to Nanchang at the expense of any price? Now I understand it, because Ye Guang, but Yan’er, even if you marry. Is it not necessary to move Studio because of this?”

Liu Chiyan: “He didn’t want to resign and left Nanchang. I didn’t think so much at that time. I only thought about where he was, I was there. I had to look at him. So I moved Studio. It was also good. Nanchang pretty good.”

Jiang Xin is completely speechless, shaking her head and smiling, a woman who is in love, ah, really, is… at this moment, Jiang Xin found that she did not really understand Liu Chiyan.

Jiang Xin called for breakfast, and a waiter sent it, and Ye Guang’s also called together.

Liu Chiyan went to call Ye Guang into the room for breakfast

“Sister Jiang, President Liu, early, you have a good night’s sleep.” Ye Guang still doesn’t know that Jiang Xin knows that he and Liu Chiyan are married, and said hello politely.

“I can sleep well, Yan’er is sleeping well, you still don’t know?” Jiang Xin has a temper in her tone.

Ye Guang, “Sister Jiang, you… what do you mean? President Liu sleeps well, I know.”

Jiang Xin: “Pretend what to wear, but also a mouthful President Liu. It’s quite like it. You both slept together. She slept well. You still don’t know!”

Jiang Xin didn’t give Ye Guang a little face. She directly scolded him. Although Liu Chiyan married Ye Guang, it was a boat. This is the choice of Liu Chiyan. She can’t control it, but she still can’t get through it. It’s a bit like tiger eating food, can’t wait to swallow Ye Guang, naturally won’t give him any good looks.

Ye Guang was surprised, some understood, and looked at Liu Chiyan strangely.

Liu Chiyan nodded to him. “Sister Jiang knows.”

Ye Guang was little embarrassed, because this is just a lie in front of people, “That… Sister Jiang… I… this…” Ye Guang support for a long time.

Jiang Xin: “Don’t explain, don’t talk,  I’m angry to hear what you say. You said that we are a good Chinese cabbage like Yan’er… arched.”

Ye Guang has a black line. “Yes, I am the pig.”

Liu Chiyan smirked.

For breakfast, the breakfast served at the hotel is still very good and hearty, since Jiang Xin knows, Liu Chiyan is not standing, like at home, busy serving Ye Guang to eat breakfast, give him a porridge, she will peel the eggs for a while, give him a napkin for a while, and don’t want to be considerate.

Jiang Xin looked dumbfounded, Liu Chiyan has this face? My dear, must be the wrong posture to get up today!

Ye Guang didn’t notice Jiang Xin’s surprised gaze, he was concerned about eating, this situation he had long been accustomed to. Goddess Liu is such gentle and considerate.

After a gorge, most of the things on the table went into Ye Guang’s stomach.

Liu Chiyan handed him a paper towel, “Are you still eating?”

Ye Guang nodded. “Well, it’s not bad, is not you do delicious, I used to eat what you made.”

Liu Chiyan, “Well, let’s go home and do it for you.”

This wave of dog food sprinkled Jiang Xin directly.

Jiang Xin is depressed and surprised, will Liu Chiyan still make breakfast? Listen to what this means, is this to make breakfast for him every day? Is this Liu Chiyan she knows? Is this still the proud goddess Liu Chiyan? When did she have fallen to a housewife who would make breakfast every day and still enjoy it?

In a word, my god, I can’t stand it anymore. Today, Liu Chiyan constantly refreshes Jiang Xin’s senses and her views.

Finally, Jiang Xin came to a conclusion:

A woman in love cannot be treated with common sense, absolutely can’t! Once a woman is in love, she will become another person.

Fortunately, I am still single, and Jiang Xin has a lot of heart, but I think that I am single, and Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are so beautiful in front of her, Jiang Xin can’t stand it.

“I am still alone, you two… can you men and women pay attention! Full breakfast, can’t eat dog food!!!”

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