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BTC Chapter 106 : Favors

Edited: XiaXue Jia Hai carefully sipped the tea and said: “The project in the development zone, we Baijia are sure to do the best. Many jobs must be troubled Mayor Tang and Chen Governors.” Mayor Tang immediately stated: “As long as it is a reasonable and legal project, our relevant departments will definitely cooperate actively and contribute to the development of He County.” After they finished their word, Chen Governors

BSI Chapter 115 : Materialize

Edited: XiaXue “You decided?” Yoruichi stood in front of Xia Yan, looks at him. Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, the plan is about to begin, I must master Bankai.” “Since you have made up your mind, let’s get started.” Yoruichi said, take out Tenshintai and say: “Put your Zanpakuto into Tenshintai.” Xia Yan raised his Zanpakuto and just wanted to do it, but a voice rang in his ear.

BTC Chapter 105 : Going to learn from who?

Edited: XiaXue Big aunt whispered to big uncle: “What happened? How do I feel that they know Lu Zixin? Why don’t our family Xiao Jun speak?” Big uncle shook his head, and his heart was full of puzzles, but still warned her: “Don’t talk.” Lu Jun himself did not figure out what was going on. The other party did not come to him, but to find his cousin? How is

BSI Chapter 114 : Replace you

Edited: XiaXue “Hey, are you Kurosaki? Please take care.” Kurosaki ichigo, who had just sat down, and suddenly found a strange figure next to him. “En.” At the moment of seeing the opposite side, Kurosaki ichigo eyes smashed round and still had time to talk. Kojima Mizuiro next to iher said: “This is Kuchiki classmate who came here today, and it seems that she was transferred to school because of

BTC Chapter 104 : This child is not sensible!

Edited: XiaXue Lu Jun also knows that he has no weight, he just wants to mix and see. He quickly said: “Don’t bother your stay, I wish you happy New Year!” “Yeah.” Several people nodded and walked past him. On the other end, a group of people such as big uncle still waited for Lu Jun. Seeing Lu Jun greet them, several people are still feeling. Three uncles said: “I