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BSI Chapter 24 : Inform

Edited: XiaXue 5/5 of the week and for next week i will release 1 or 2 chapter in a week. Anyone wanna vote again, go to here! This is a comment in qidian, lack concentration in editing have a fatal mistake 😀   Matsumoto Rangiku touch her hair and her face was a little unbelievable. She looked at Xia Yan and asked, “Have you really promised? Not Soi Fon Captain forcing

Chapter 23 : Matsumoto Rangiku

 Edited: XiaXue 4/5 of the week For now please vote your fav and my fav, the vote last until saturday 06:00 PM, so…. you know if past that time i will pick one novel for the next release next week 😀 who wanna vote go to here! “Join the criminal team?”   Soi Fon frowned, looks at Xia Yan, and looked a little puzzled. She asked, “Do you know what team

Chapter 22 : choice + Announcement!!

Edited: XiaXue #cause one of internet friend have translated this novel and post this novel on qidian webnovel, i reduce my release and i will pickup a novel with my favorite story, but i will finish this week quota and for the next week i just release one or two chapter for a week. thank you for my reader for reading in this site 🙂   It was Captain of 2nd

Chapter 21 : Late at night visitors

Edited: XiaXue 2/5   Time flies, in the blink of an eye, the first half year of the school has ended.   In the past half year of the school, Xia Yan learned far more than the first grade. Not only did he learn Kido with Tsuno Hiroshi, but also mastered Shunpo.   In particular, Kido, Xia Yan now has the top 20 of Hadō and the top 15 of Bakudō.   As more